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Protect Your Home With Alexa & A Smart Alarm System

If you’re an owner of any of Amazon’s famous voice controlled gadgets then you’re probably already in love with how handy they are and how much fun they are to use. One thing that you might not have bought your Amazon Alexa for, but something that’s well worth setting up is an an Amazon Alarm System for your home.

Top Pick

The #1 smart home alarm in 2024 is the Somfy Home Alarm (Available on Amazon UK). Setting it up is easier than any other alarm, it works exactly like it should and you get everything you need to protect your home in one kit.

The Alexa (or in some cases the Amazon Echo) is a simple and effective way to upgrade your home alarm system. And if you’re ready to renew your home alarm, or are looking for something more modern than what you have, using your Alexa as the heard of your security system is a great idea. There’s tons of cool stuff it will do to give you peace of mind in your sexy new smart home.

Somfy 1875230 Home Alarm Plus System
Above: Somfy Home Alarm Plus – Amazon UK

What are the UK Amazon Alarm Systems in 2022?

If you’re looking to get your alarm system upgraded, then this is a pretty good time to do it. There are a lot of established security brands on the market with some very good products, with plenty of customer feedback, to help you decide which one is right for you.

The better Alexa alarm compatible kits you might want to look into are:

  1. Somfy Protect – Home Alarm
  2. Curv Wireless Smart Home Security Kit
  3. Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm
  4. BIBENE 3G WIFI Home Security Alarm System
  5. Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera System

#1 – Somfy Protect – Home Alarm

The Somfy amazon alarm system is a good example of what a home smart alarm should be. There’s no faffing about with wires here. You just unpack the kit and then follow a quick setup procedure. It does all kinds of clever stuff to keep your home safe, like being able to tell the difference between normal behavior in your home and anything suspicious.

The components even come with the batteries installed and ready to go. Once set up you can view what’s happening and control the system with any smart phone, as well as use Alexa.

Quick look features

  • WiFi setup is quick and easy
  • No wires
  • Sounds alarm BEFORE anyone gets in your home
  • LOUD 110db alarm
  • Works even if there’s a power cut
  • SSL encryption between elements

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Or check out our Somfy Alarm System review here.

#2 – Curv Wireless Smart Home Security Kit

This is a brilliant amazon Alexa alarm system that has everything you need to protect your home. Again, there’s no wires here and setup is quick and easy. If you’ve got pets, this is a good choice for your home as the sensor can detect the difference between man and beast so you won’t have to leg it downstairs in the middle of the night because the dog wandered over to get a drink.

It’s also packed with nice little features like the external siren component being solar powered (yep it still works at night!) The smart alarm is controlled with the free downloadable app and the system can be expanded from the included 4 sensors if you need to now or in the future.

Quick look features

  • Pet friendly motion sensor
  • Control with a simple app
  • Solar powered external siren
  • Completely wireless system
  • Includes door / window sensors
  • And 4 sensors

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 #3 – Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm

Most people have heard of Yale and the security company have also moved into making some pretty good smart home security products too. The Yale Sync smart home is a fully Alexa / Echo compatible security system that doesn’t have any wires and is easy to get installed.

There’s a large visible YALE alarm that you put on the outside of your home, along with sensors and a key pad for entry into your home.

The smart part of this alarm does things like use your GPS location to check when you’ve left the house and can remind you to set the alarm if you’ve forgotten. There’s no monitoring fees with this system either.

Quick look features

  • Arm and disarm with the free app
  • Receive real-time mobile alerts to your smartphone
  • Sync easily with Alexa or Amazon Echo
  • Completely wireless
  • Geo location reminders
  • Smart watch compatible

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You can read our full Yale Sync Alarm Review here.

 #4 – Bibene 3G WiFi Home Security Alarm System

When you look at the Bibene’s whopping colour touch screen display you might be surprised to find out it’s one of the cheaper amazon alexa alarms on the market. Everything is controlled by one simple screen and the kit comes with everything you’ll need to get your home protected with a smart alarm.

You can expand as you go and there’s a wealth of interesting sensors and gadgets you can get. Everything from help buttons for the elderly, up to gas detection alarms. You get free alerts to your phone and there’s no subscriptions or hidden costs.

Quick look features

  • Works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa
  • Sends free notifications to your phone
  • Large colour touch screen display
  • Expandable with loads of cool gadgets!
  • Good budget starter kit

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 #5 – Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera System

Another smart home alarm system that you’ll want to check out is the Arlo amazon Alexa compatible alarm. If you want a system that comes with some high quality security cameras then the Arlo ones are really good quality. They can be used inside or out and it combines motion detection with recording so that it won’t just constantly record aimlessly.

The whole thing can be controlled with Alexa thanks to it’s built in support for the Amazon devices. Keep track of your home easily when you’re away with any smart phone, including HD live streaming.

Quick look features

  • No messy cables
  • Night vision
  • Only records when motion is detected
  • Weatherproof
  • 720p video cameras
  • Alarm specific zones easily

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Getting Amazon Alexa to look after your home

Setting up Alexa home security is easier than you’d think

Amazon Alexa is not a home security system, or have any built in security features. There’s also no official Amazon alarm systems out there on the market. BUT, as with pretty much every other element of the Alexa products, there’s some cracking third party security products out there that work with Alexa and other voice-controlled products that will do everything you need them to.

Why you should work Alexa into your home security system

If you’re interested in creating a smart home, with all the benefits that go along with it, it makes sense to have spend some time on Amazon Alexa home security side of things. Adding in Alexa to your house’s alarm system gives you extra peace of mind and some helpful ways to save time and keep the inside and outside of your home safe. Some reasons you’ll want to work Alexa in are:

  1. Tell Alexa when to arm your alarm
  2. Ask Alexa if a certain door is closed
  3. Get Alexa to check if your patio is locked
  4. Tell Alexa to arm certain rooms of your home
  5. And a lot more…

Aside from Alexa, getting a smart home alarm makes a lot of sense as you can make use of modern technology to detect and deter burglaries before they happen.

What’s the advantage of a smart Alexa system?

You’ve probably already got a home alarm system so what’s the difference in an Alexa alarm system? Is it worth upgrading to one?

All the smart gadgetry that’s come about in recent years means that your home security system could be making use of it and doing a lot more that it’s currently doing. With a smart system you’ll be able to:

  • Get HD video quickly to any device
  • Use Alexa or Google Assistant to ‘talk’ to the system
  • Get alerts anywhere in the world
  • Get reminders when you’ve not put the alarm on using your GEO location
  • Do complicated stuff much easier using an app

Meet your new smart security system

Any modern smart alarm system is comprised of several devices that work together to protect your home. No two Amazon alarm systems are alike but there’s parts that will be the same whichever brand you opt for. The most common pieces of a smart home alarm are:

Motion sensors – These things have been around for a very long time now. It’s likely your home will have some form of infra-red motion detectors already installed. They’re still an important part of a home alarm system but with the smart version, you’ll have much more control over them as well as seeing what’s going on.

The siren!  This is noisy bit that sounds when a certain condition is met.

Cameras – Most good smart Amazon security systems will have at least one camera. Once a blurred pixelated mess, they now offer HD video that can be streamed via the internet to a computer, phone or tablet. This means you can check in on your property even if you’re on holiday abroad.

Keypads and key fobs – You’ll need some way to get access to your own home and, just like traditional alarms, some kits offer a keypad which will go at the point of entry, and some will also include one or more key fobs which mean you won’t need to key in any codes to disable your alarm.

How to get started with your Amazon Alexa Home Alarm system

Realistically, if you’re looking to set up some seriously beefy smart home security, you’re best opting for a kit to do the job. A smart home alarm kit will consist of all the major parts that you’ll need to setup around your home (inside and out) that will keep it safe. The good thing about Alexa security systems is that they’re modular and once you’ve got the kit you can expand the number of sensors, cameras, door ‘checkers’ till your heart’s content.

Things you need to know before buying an Alexa home security system

There’s a whopping number of products in the home smart security space at the minute, all vying for your cash. They all offer something a little bit different. Some products do an awesome job of keep your home well protected. Others leave a lot to be desired. Here’s some QUICK FIRE things to look out for…

Weather proofing – are you planning to add the inside or outside of your home to the security system? If you’re opting for the outside, you’ll need to get weather proof cameras IP level projection against the UK’s toughest conditions.

Noise level – Unlike most other gadgets and electronics, with smart alarms, more noise is better! Look for a security system that has at least 90bd output on the siren, preferably louder.

Image resolution and camera quality – Most cameras will state HD. But 720p or 1080p should be the standard you get. Check reviews to see what the build quality is like too. Some cameras look great in the pics but lack that quality ‘feel’ and build.

Service charges – Another thing that’s definitely worth researching and checking into when you’re looking for an Alexa compatible alarm system is whether or not you’ll have to pay some form of subscription charge. To be honest, these are rare in the UK but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Find out of there’ll be any monitoring charges before picking up your new alarm kit.

Getting set up isn’t too tricky

Some people are great at the tech stuff and DIY. For the rest of us setting up a home alarm system might sound a bit daunting. The weird thing about getting your amazon alexa home security system up and running is that it’s surprisingly simple to do. Once you choose a kit and get it delivered, you’ll need to pair the different parts, such as the cameras, with the main unit and then pick where to put them. To bring Alexa into the mix is even easier as alexa will detect the devices for you.

Wire-free means that you’ll not have any awkward wires to install. Some kits even come with all of the bits already synced together, so you literally take them out of the box and put them in the desired spot in your home. Simple.

One quick tip – You might want to check Youtube out and search for your alarm on there when it comes to setting it up. Most of the larger brand makers of Amazon Alexa alarm kits will have easy-to-follow guides on there to help you get up and running.

Did you use any of these products? Is there a way your using your Alexa that’s really saved you time or money? Which Amazon Alexa Home security system are you planning to buy?

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