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If you’re looking to bring your home or apartment up to date and create the perfect smart home, one very easy and fun way to do it is with Amazon’s Alexa (Available at Amazon). This one inexpensive device can turn any home easily into a modern connected home. In this guide we’ll be exploring just what you can connect to your Alexa and looking into some of the best new Alexa Accessories, UK wide.

You might be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of applications for an Alexa in your home. Whichever model you have, it will be able to control a lot of things around your home, with a few tweaks and changes. And you’ll be able to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Do things more efficiently
  • Stay organized
  • Keep your home SAFER
Echo Show 5 - Compact smart display with Alexa
Above: The Alexa Show has a built in screen. Echo Show – Amazon UK

Seven UK Alexa Accessories your smart home needs in 2024

We’ve looked at what an Alexa is, how much fun it can be and skimmed over some of the stuff you can connect this little gadget to. Now let’s get into some seriously interesting applications for your Alexa. Some fun, some serious! And some that will save you money and time.

#1 – Alexa & Security – keeping your home safe

When most people consider getting an Alexa, they might not consider it as a way to help keep their home safe and secure. While the Alexa doesn’t have any built in safety features, there’s a wealth of security accessories available in the UK that can do everything from detect intruders to record of video anyone at your front door.

Somfy 2401497A Home Plug and Play Alarm with Smart Connectivity
Above: Somfy Smart Alarm – Amazon UK

A quick overview of stuff you can do with smart security Alexa accessories are:

  1. Connect with security cameras around your home
  2. Or use it with outdoor cameras
  3. Check who is at the door even when you’re not in
  4. Lock and unlock your doors
  5. Connect detection sensors
  6. Get Alexa to control your home alarm

If you want an brilliant home alarm that works with Amazon’s voice assistant, look into the Somfy Home Alarm (Amazon), and also the Yale Sync Alarm (Amazon). They’re about the best on the market and don’t cost the earth.

Full range of Alexa Compatible Security gear at Amazon

#2 – Smart doorbells like the ‘Ring’

While this could have gone in the previous ‘bit on security’ it probably deserves it’s own section. Because having a smart doorbell is one of the coolest things you can do with your Alexa. A smart doorbell is basically a replacement for your existing button which adds a camera and a 2 way microphone.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 + Chime + Spare Rechargeable Battery
Above: Ring Video Doorbell 2 – Amazon UK

With it, you’ll be able to answer the doorbell from work, on holiday or literally anywhere in the world. Adding your Alexa into the mix gives you complete control over the system.

More Alexa compatible doorbells at Amazon

#3 – Controlling your heating and water with a smart thermostat

A seriously useful way to utilize your Alexa is to connect her up to your home’s heating system. This is probably one of the more advanced and potentially tricky parts of setting up your smart home but there’s plenty of Alexa accessories in the UK that are available to get the job done.

The best one we’ve reviewed here on Smart Tech Stuff is probably the Nest Smart Thermostat on Amazon. It’s simple to use, looks good and drastically reduces how much power you’re using.

The process consists of replacing your existing thermostat with a smart one. You’re honestly better off choosing the perfect smart thermostat and hiring a plumber to fit it for you. (Unless you’re really confident with your DIY skills…)

Nest Learning Thermostat
Above: Nest Learning Thermostat – Amazon UK

Once that’s set up the hard work is done. Your Alexa will be able to:

  1. Save you money on your bill by only heating your home when you’re in
  2. Get the water temperature right for when you arrive home
  3. Check where you are with GPS and not waste energy heating empty homes
  4. Fire your boiler the bare minimum to achieve your desired temperature

Find out more about Smart Thermostats

#4 – Robotic Hoovers – Alexa Accessories for UK that do your dirty work!

Another worthy contender for the Alexa’s top accessories would be getting it hooked up to one of the modern floor cleaners available, like the original Roomba from iRobot (Available: Amazon). I say floor cleaners rather than simply smart vacuum cleaners because some of the newer ones not only suck up all that dust and pet hair but will also mop your floors too.

Imagine that – a robot of your very own to hoover and mop your floors.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Above: iRobot Roomba 671 – Amazon UK

It’s tempting to say robot vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes but that’s far from the truth. They all look very similar and have a round lid shape. What they do inside is very different through. They’re also one of the more handy Alexa accessories. If you like the idea of being able to literally tell a robot to get out there and clean the hall floor, this is probably for you.

Read our guide on smart hoovers here

#5 – Alexa Baby Monitor Accessories

Or rather, Baby monitors that work WITH Alexa. Like the majority of products that work with Alexa, they’re made by 3rd parties, not Amazon. And there’s a huge and ever growing range of Alexa Accessories in the UK. Another unexpected way you can use your Alexa is to hook her up to a smart baby monitor.

If you’re looking for a place to start, the iBaby M7 (Available: Amazon) has a lot of good features and is cheaper than a lot of baby cams.

iBaby Care M7 Video Baby Monitor with Moonlight Soother
Above: iBaby Care M7 – Amazon UK

The camera is placed in the babies room and connecting it to your Alexa means you’ll be able to see and hear baby via the Alexa. If you’ve got smart lighting or heating then you can even do things like get Alexa to drop the temperature or lower lighting in the babies room!

See more Alexa baby monitors on Amazon

#6 – Getting Alexa to adjust lights with your voice

One of the best-known (and most awesome) things you can do with an Alexa is to connect her up to control your home lighting. There’s plenty to choose from on Amazon. Aside from being able to turn on and adjust lighting with your voice, you it actually has some practical security benefits. You can turn your lights on from anywhere in the world to make it seem like you’re still home.

Smart Bulb
Above: Smart Bulb – Amazon UK

So how do you connect your lighting up to your Alexa? It’s actually ridiculously easy to do. The fastest and easiest way to setup smart lighting in your home is to opt for some light bulbs which are then controlled via your Alexa. Some of the available commands are:

  • Alexa, turn on the lights
  • Alexa, turn on living room
  • Alexa, dim the lights to 50%
  • Alexa, turn off the lights

See Amazon’s huge range of smart light bulbs here

#7 – Alexa compatible smart plugs

As with all the products we’ll look at here, they all require something to be added to your home before Alexa can start to connect to and work with them. One of the cheapest ways to bring some Alexa connective goodness into your home is via some of these nifty Smart Plugs. So what do these little gadgets do?

Smart Plug WiFi Outlet TECKIN Mini Plug Works with Amazon Alexa
Above: TECKIN Mini Plug – Amazon UK

You simply plug them into any UK socket and then anything you plug into them can be controlled via Alexa, with your voice. You will be able to turn the device off or on as well as setting timers to turn whatever it is on or off at given times. This is a very simple UK Alexa Accessory but a smart and affordable way to get your smart home up and running.

See more at Amazon

Amazon’s Alexa in it’s many forms

Alexa could be your new best friend… or at least make life easier…

If you’re new to smart home tech and Amazon Alexa then you might be wondering what it is. While the bits that make the Alexa work are highly technical and complicated, the front end that we interact with is designed to be very simple. At it’s heart the Alexa is a device that connects to your home WiFi and will listen for voice commands from you. It can be used on it’s own to play music and, depending on which version you get, play video as well as sound.

All-new Amazon Echo (3rd generation) | Smart speaker with Alexa
Above: Amazon Echo Smart speaker – Amazon

My kids LOVE my Alexa… a bit too much?

There’s one thing I’ll say about Alexa – it’s probably the easiest bit of technology I’ve ever come across. We’re talking iPad levels of intuitiveness. My children like nothing better than to take turns shouting stuff at the poor thing. Once they learned you could tell it to play a song or a funny video, they were in love. And the youngest is 5. Safe to say anyone can use an Alexa, even if you’re not a geek, or hate technology in general.

Alexa Accessories that connect it to your home

There’s an ever growing number of electronic products and gadgets out there today that connect to your Alexa. But what does this actually mean? And what’s the point?

Did you ever buy one of those universal remotes for your TV? They claimed to make life easier by combining everything into one easy-to-use remote. In reality they were a nightmare to get working and you ended up with an extra remote lying around, ironically complicating things. Well, Alexa is a bit like that, except this does actually work.

All-new Amazon Echo (3rd generation) | Smart speaker with Alexa
Above: Your Alexa can save you looking up simple things like the weather | Alexa – Amazon UK

Imagine if you could connect everything together that you use in your everyday life and entertainment, but control it with one central device. That’s what the Alexa can do, with the help of some handy accessories. Imagine coming home and telling Alexa to turn down the heating in the living room, put the TV on, start cooking your food and phone your partner up to see where they got to.

It might sounds super-futuristic but it’s actually possible in 2024. And it doesn’t cost a whopping wad of cash to get going either! There’s some brilliant accessories for Alexa in the UK, many of which are pretty cheap to add in to your home.

What can your Alexa to at home?

So you’ve got an Alexa and want to do more than send messages, play your favorite 80s songs and watch funny cat videos. So what can this little gadget do that can make your life easier and that aren’t just some gimmick? Here’s a quick list of some cool things you connect to your Alexa to at home.

  1. Vacuum cleaners! No, really…
  2. Cooking pots – more useful than you’d first think
  3. Security systems
  4. Lighting
  5. The rest of your entertainment system
  6. Heating – a serious money saver!
  7. Loads of other stuff…

Order your Alexa on Amazon

Let me know in the comments down below how your smart home is coming along. Did you use any of these products? Is there a way your using your Alexa that’s really saved you time or money? What Alexa Accessories (UK) are you planning to buy?

Check out More info on the Amazon Alexa here

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