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iBaby Care M7 Review (UK)

Long gone are the days of clunky baby monitoring systems, where you a camera and a screen. Today’s smart baby cams use your home WiFi and your existing smartphone to keep a watchful eye on baby’s nap time activities.

Welcome to this review – where we pull apart one of the more popular new breed of cameras, the iBaby Care M7 (Amazon). It was one of the Wifi cams featured in our smart baby camera guide earlier this year, and it’s one of the more well-known cameras available.  So how does the M7 compare to the other baby monitors on the market in 2024?

What is the iBaby M7?

The iBaby M7 is a WiFi baby monitor. It combines a camera, microphone, speaker to let you see hear and interact with your baby. It’s completely wireless, relying instead on your home broadband connection. You place it in the nursery, next to your baby’s cot and you can then do the monitoring part on any smart device, like an iPad or smartphone.

Movable camera

Once set up, you can monitor your infant from anywhere in your home, or even when you’re at work and someone else is watching your child (more on that in a bit…) The camera isn’t fixed, thus allowing you to move around and still keep track of your baby’s movements.

There’s a lot of baby monitors on the market in 2024, so one of the things we’ll look at in this review is what makes this one different.

iBaby Care M7 Review
The iBaby M7 Monitor

Overview of the M7 monitor’s features

Beneath it’s cute stubby little body, this camera has a wealth of compact, modern tech at work. Here’s some of the cool features with the M7 monitor:

  • 1080p HD video camera resolution
  • Control pan and tilt the camera using this iBaby app
  • You can also Zoom in, and out
  • Hear what’s going on though the built-in mic
  • Project moonlight soothing effects
  • Play 100+ sounds, like white noise
  • Play range of included stories, melodies and nursery rhymes
  • You can talk to your baby through built in speaker
  • Temperature and humidity sensors on the camera
  • Supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi
  • Alerts you if your baby cries
  • Also has movement alerts
  • Night vision
  • Remote camera access allows unlimited users
  • Set reminders for feeding and changing times
  • You can view the camera if you’re away from home and have a baby sitter

iBaby M7 Camera Tech Specs

Before we jump into the main part of the M7 review, here are some more in-depth specs for this monitor:

Monitor resolution1080p (Full HD)
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required
Model numberM7
Audio2 way
Night VisionYes
AlertsCriying, motion, noise
Safety featuresTemperature, CO2 sensor,
Built in sounds100+
WiFi2.4Ghz, 5Ghz

What you might like about the iBaby M7

Here’s the things I like about this compact baby cam.

Multiple users can log in to watch baby

This is something I think a lot of people will like. Although you only need one camera, multiple family members can connect to the camera to check on baby. That means if you’re stuck at work, you can still have a check-in on your family, and peak at what the baby is up to.

iBaby Care Monitor M7 review
The iBaby M7’s design stands out and the packaging looks appealing

Getting other users set up is actually easy. You can send them an invite from the app. They’ll then get an email and be able to create a quick account and log in to the camera. Very cool feature.

Lets talk about the video quality

If you’ve got your phone next to you on the sofa, or you’re checking on baby remotely, the most important thing is to be able to actually see what’s going on. To this end, iBaby’s M7 has some of the highest video quality around in the current generation of baby monitors.

There’s no physical monitor as such, instead, you’re using your smartphone, or tablet. With a full 1080p, iBaby’s camera has crisp image quality in all lighting conditions. HD monitoring also filters into the night mode – where, everything is still crisp and easy to see, even at night.

Unlike some of the cameras available, image quality is not over-saturated or too dark to see. iBaby has really nailed this part.

It alerts you when there’s motion or noises

Some of these features sound like common sense, but it wasn’t until recently you’d still have to sit and watch the baby monitor to check on your baby. One of the good things about the iBaby M7 is its built-in motion sensors that will detect if your infant wakes up, or makes and sudden moves.

There’s also built-in audio sensors that will alert you to any noises such as bumps or when your baby starts to cry. There’s also a button on the app that lets you press and talk through the speaker to your baby. Whether or not this just serves to confuse them, who knows. But it’s there if you want to have a go at soothing them back sleep this way.

Audio is equally good on the M7

Having ticked the video quality box, the next major question for the round baby monitor is – is the sound actually any good?

There’s nothing better than that reassuring little breathing noise that tells you your baby is OK, and that they’re gently dozing. The M7 has a decent quality mic in it which is capable of picking up everything going on in the nursery.

A HUGE problem with these kinds of baby monitors is the notoriously low audio levels. iBaby has not fallen short; You can hear the slightest movement without straining.

The rotation controls on the camera are superb

One big problem with a Wifi monitor is that baby’s really like to move around in their sleep. You set the camera up and then spend hours watching what might be afoot.

The M7 monitor gives you a wealth of control over where to point the camera, without having to go and adjust it by hand. Pinch the screen to zoom in, or swivel the camera around (up to 360°) There’s also controls to pitch the camera up and down. You control it with iBaby’s app.

Re-aligning the camera to keep up with an active baby is really easy with this camera.

The iBaby app is simple to use

The hardware is only as good as the app and the iBaby M7’s custom app is simple and easy to use.

The safety features offer extra reassurance

While most people are looking for a really good quality baby monitor, and aren’t buying these things based on all the bells and whistles, the iBaby has some decent extra safety stuff built that might give you a bit of extra peace of mind.

There’s a CO2 detector, to check on air purity, a temperature sensor, and a humidity sensor. It’s hard to get a sense of how well these work, without a prolonged test, but they’re there, and some people will find them useful.

Handy for travelling

I can definitely see this little baby monitor coming in handy for anyone going on holiday with their baby. Snatch a few minutes peace and let the iBaby M7 do a shift watching the baby! It’s fairly light, at under 1kg, and there are no extra components to lug around. As long as there’s some kind of Wifi where you’re staying, you’re set.

Painless to set up

Unlike a lot of WiFi monitors, this one won’t make you want to pull your hair out when you’re setting it up.

What you might not like with iBaby’s monitor

The temperature sensor doesn’t seem accurate

The temperature sensor on the iBaby Monitor might be slightly off and doesn’t seem to give an accurate read on the room temperature, where your baby is sleeping.

Getting the projector work means pointing the camera away from baby

This is a bit of an odd one. You can’t use the baby monitor AND the projector part of the camera at the same time. The projector needs to be pointed upwards, which obviously means you can’t see what your child is doing ‘off camera’, so to speak.

Review Verdict – Should you buy the iBaby Monitor?

Overall, this is a really well-designed baby monitor. Even if you’ve tried a few before and haven’t found on a good one, I’d recommend looking into the M7 monitor. It’s easy to use, has a super-cute design and performs brilliantly as a camera. It’s packed with handy features that a lot of monitors skimp on too.

Being able to log in from anywhere, and allow other family members do the same, is also very handy. I haven’t got into the other things the iBaby cam does yet, like the melodies and handy sounds, but they’re there if you need them.

Most importantly, this is a fab product to keep an eye on little ones at nap time. The iBaby M7 works extremely well as a monitor, with great quality audio and video.

Definitely worth a buy.

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