What’s the best smart kettle you can buy?

Smart home technology is making it’s way into every aspect of home life, from fitness trackers to gadgets that let you see and talk to pets when you’re at work. There’s a boat load of fantastic things you can do by connecting your devices together. Even the humble kettle has not been overlooked.

Best Overall
"Efficient, versatile, Alexa-compatible, convenient remote boiling."
  1. App: Smart Life App control
  2. Quick heating: 2200 watts
  3. Special Feature: Schedule to boil anytime, Keep warm, Baby bottle programme
  4. Alexa integration: Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri via Shortcuts
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Amazon UK
Runner Up
"Efficient, precise, and voice-controlled for modern convenience."
  1. App: Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  2. Quick heating: 2200W heating element for rapid boiling
  3. Special Feature: STRIX controller for safety and longevity
  4. Alexa integration: Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant
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Amazon UK
"Innovative, efficient, with sleek design and smart integration."
  1. App: Smarter app, iOS & Android compatible
  2. Quick heating: 3000W power for rapid boil
  3. Special Feature: Digital temperature control, portable
  4. Alexa integration: Enabled with voice control
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Amazon UK
"Efficient, stylish, with advanced temperature control."
  1. Quick heating: Boils 1.7L in 4-5 minutes
  2. Special Feature: Built-in detachable tea infuser
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This guide looks into what a smart kettle actually is and also asks the question – what’s the best smart kettle to look out for in 2024?

Does my kettle really need to be ‘smart’

Smart kettles fall into the same categories as a lot of smart home devices. Initial reactions might be, who really needs a WiFi kettle for goodness sake. But when you start to learn about it, you might think, ” aha, that does sound kind of useful actually…)

The smart kettle has a lot of time saving and handy uses that have, until now, been impossible to do. Let’s look at why you’d want to buy a kettle that connects to the Internet, and see if it is a crazy idea after all!

This might be the gadget you didn’t think you needed.. but might love it when you get one…

Appkettle Wifi Smart Internet App Enabled & Voice Controlled Kettle | Silver | 1.7L
Above: Appkettle – Amazon

What exactly is a smart kettle?

Smart kettles, or WiFi kettles, are a combination of existing kettles that we’ve been using forever, and some cool modern gadgetry. They connect to your home’s WiFi and can then be controlled and monitored by your smart phone, tablet or other smart device. They cost a fair bit more than ordinary kettles but offer a whole different level of convenience and quality.

What kinds of stuff can you do with a smart kettle

The best smart kettles out there will be packed with clever uses that will save you time, and generally make life a bit easier. While the features differ a tad between products, you’ll generally find some of these cropping up:

  • Voice controlling through devices like Alexa
  • Or using your smart phone to boil the kettle
  • Keep your kettle at the same temperature
  • Accurate control over how hot you want your water
  • Fill your kettle up on the morning, set it away when you set off from work
  • Help make the perfect temperature formula for your baby

Telling Alexa to ‘get the kettle on’

If you thought using your voice to control your smart home lighting was cool, imagine being able to tell Alexa to make you a cup of tea. (Well, most of the job anyway!) Smart kettles are usually Alexa (and other virtual assistant) compatible. With Alexa, for example, you just say “Alexa, put the kettle on” and Alexa will boil your kettle. Now that’s what smart tech is all about.

Using your Smart Phone

Picking the best smart kettle means choosing one that has a good app, that’s easy to use. The kettles in this guide have simple, easy to setup and use apps that will show you things like what stage the water is at when boiling. As well as that, you will be able to simply press a button from anywhere (even if you’re not home yet) and the kettle will boil your water, just how you like it.

No waiting for hot drinks on cold mornings

Who wants to wake up, trudge downstairs and wait for the kettle to boil? It’s noisy, it takes ages and it’s a waste of time. With smart kettles, you can eitehr press a button on your smart phone, from beneath the duvet. Or you can set a timer to get everything ready for when you arrive. Mmmm, tea!

What other smart kitchen gadgets are available out there?

If you think having a smart kettle is crazy, or you love the idea, there’s a wealth of other smart kitchen gadgets and gizmos that are either out now, or just around the corner. If you’d like to find out what other kinds of smart kitchen things are out there, have a look at our intelligent kitchen products guide.

What is the best smart kettle available in 2024?

Unlike a lot of other smart home products, the market isn’t exactly flooded with smart kettles at the time of writing this guide. But the good news is that there are some seriosly good products around that do this, from reputable brands. Not some cheap and nasty gadgets (come on, we’ve all bought those products before).

The next part of our WiFi kettle guide will go through some of the better buys available online today.

How we test and rank products: Our approach to ranking the top products in a specific category, such as 'Best Smart Kettle', begins with establishing key performance indicators that we then use to meticulously compile our product roundup. We work with a base of often hundreds of products and to ensure absolute impartiality, our final rankings are determined by an advanced AI algorithm that uses the data collected during our testing phase. We trust that you will find this roundup insightful and valuable.
Top Pick
Smart Kettle by WeeKett

Smart Kettle by WeeKett

Smart Kettle with Advanced Features

Robust, efficient, and Alexa-enabled for the tech-savvy tea enthusiast. A must-have for convenience and precise brewing.

Save £3.45 TodayRRP £233.44
£229.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 29th May, 00:15:43

App: Smart Life App control
Quick heating: 2200 watts
Special Feature: Schedule to boil anytime, Keep warm, Baby bottle programme
Alexa integration: Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri via Shortcuts
Why this made our roundup: Boil water from anywhere and set specific temperatures for different beverages with the Smart Life App.

What we liked:

The Smart Kettle by WeeKett offers a seamless setup process, effortlessly connecting to your home wifi network. Its customizable temperature settings allow for the perfect brew, while the multiple preset features, including "keep warm" and a timer, cater to various needs. The integration with Alexa provides convenient voice control and smart functionality, and the ability to boil the kettle remotely using the Smart Life App adds flexibility to the user experience. Additionally, the real-time temperature display ensures precise temperature monitoring, and the user-friendly design enhances overall usability.

What we didn't like:

Despite its many advantages, the Smart Kettle does have some limitations. The lack of a water level indication feature affects user convenience, and occasional connectivity issues with Wi-Fi may lead to reconnection challenges. Furthermore, the limited Alexa integration and app functionalities, such as viewing the actual water temperature through Alexa, could be improved for a more seamless user experience. Additionally, the design and placement of the water level window may impact both aesthetics and practicality.

How does it compare to similar kettles?

In comparison to other smart kettles on the market, the Smart Kettle competes well in terms of its quality and performance. It offers a range of convenient features and smart functionalities, making it a competitive option for those seeking a modern and versatile kettle.

Verdict: Is it worth a buy?

This smart kettle provides a range of convenient features, including voice control, customizable temperature settings, and seamless integration with Alexa. Although it has some limitations, it offers a convenient and modern user experience, particularly for those looking for smart functionality in a kettle.

  • App Control: Manage kettle settings with the Smart Life App for ultimate convenience.
  • Versatility: Customizable temperatures cater to all beverage needs.
  • Integration: Works seamlessly with Alexa for hands-free operation.
  • User Experience: Intuitive design with clear English instructions.
  • Advanced Features: Includes keep warm, baby bottle mode, and real-time temperature display.
  • Water Level Indicator: Limited visibility affects convenience.
  • Wi-Fi Stability: Connectivity issues can disrupt smart functionality.
  • App Functionality: App has limited alert customization and basic features.
Runner up
Geepas Smart Stainless-Steel Kettle

Geepas Smart Stainless-Steel Kettle

Seamless integration for smart home enthusiasts.

Sturdy, sleek, and voice-operated; perfect for tech-savvy tea lovers valuing quick, precise brewing and stylish design.

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App: Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
Quick heating: 2200W heating element for rapid boiling
Special Feature: STRIX controller for safety and longevity
Alexa integration: Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant
Why this made our roundup: Control boiling from anywhere or schedule it with the WiFi-enabled feature.

What we liked:

The Smart Kettle offers a seamless integration with smart home devices, allowing for convenient voice control through Google Assistant and Alexa. The sleek stainless-steel build and double-walled insulation ensure durability, easy cleaning, and efficient temperature maintenance, making it a valuable addition to any modern kitchen.

What we didn't like:

However, we found that the overdependence on voice control may limit manual operation, raising concerns about privacy and potential initial setup complexities. Additionally, the higher price point compared to traditional kettles and the limited capacity may not be suitable for larger households or gatherings.

How does it compare to similar kettles?

Compared to other smart kettles, the Smart Kettle stands out with its compatibility with various smart home ecosystems, precision temperature display, and anti-scalding design. However, potential privacy issues and limited capacity should be considered before making a purchase decision.

Verdict: Is it worth a buy?

The Smart Kettle offers convenient voice control and seamless integration with smart home devices, making it suitable for tech-savvy individuals looking for a modern and efficient kettle. However, potential privacy concerns, initial setup complexity, and limited capacity should be taken into account before purchasing.

  • Convenient voice control: Hands-free operation through Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Smart home integration: Works with smart devices, enhancing home automation.
  • Quick boiling: 2200W element ensures water is heated rapidly.
  • Adjustable settings: Precise temperature control for different teas and coffees.
  • Durable construction: Stainless steel build ensures durability and longevity.
  • Limited manual operation: Reliance on voice control may restrict manual use.
  • Privacy concerns: Smart device connectivity could pose potential privacy risks.
  • Complex setup: Some users might find smart device integration challenging.
Smarter iKettle 3rd Generation

Smarter iKettle 3rd Generation

Revolutionary control for the modern kitchen.

Robust, efficient, with a sophisticated interface, tailored for tech-savvy tea enthusiasts seeking utmost convenience and style.

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App: Smarter app, iOS & Android compatible
Quick heating: 3000W power for rapid boil
Special Feature: Digital temperature control, portable
Alexa integration: Enabled with voice control
Why this made our roundup: Adjust the iKettle's temperature from anywhere using the Smarter app.

What we liked:

The Smart Kettle impresses with its easy Wi-Fi setup and seamless Alexa integration, allowing for convenient voice control. The app's clear and neatly designed interface enhances user experience, offering precise temperature settings and quick set buttons for different beverages. Its quick boiling speed saves time and energy, and the remote start functionality adds to its convenience.

The integration with smart home systems, including IFTTT compatibility, broadens its functionality, while the baby formula feature and wake-up alarm and coming home features provide added utility. Additionally, its high-quality build and sleek design make it a stylish addition to any kitchen counter.

What we didn't like:

However, the Smart Kettle falls short in some aspects. Concerns regarding the flimsy lid and weak materials, including rust and stains, raise durability issues. The lack of a water level indicator proves inconvenient, and safety concerns arise from the exterior temperature and handle, which lack adequate insulation. Moreover, inconsistent Wi-Fi connectivity and limited customer support and response detract from the overall experience.

How does it compare to similar smart kettles?

Compared to other smart kettles, the Smart Kettle stands out for its seamless Wi-Fi setup, convenient Alexa integration, and precise temperature control. However, it faces tough competition due to concerns about lid durability, water level indication, and customer support. Potential buyers should consider these factors when making a purchase decision and weigh them against the product's smart features and efficient boiling capabilities.

Verdict: Is it worth a buy?

In summary, the Smart Kettle offers efficient boiling and smart features, including seamless Wi-Fi setup, convenient Alexa integration, and precise temperature control. However, potential buyers should be mindful of concerns regarding lid durability, water level indication, and customer support. Overall, it caters to those seeking a smart and efficient kettle, albeit with some quality and support drawbacks.

  • Easy Wi-Fi setup and Alexa integration: Users enjoy seamless smart home connectivity and hands-free operation.
  • User-friendly app design: The app's intuitive interface makes temperature adjustments and feature access a breeze.
  • Precise temperature control: Offers exact temperature settings for various beverages, enhancing the taste and brewing quality.
  • Swift boiling speed: Its 3000W power boils water rapidly, which is perfect for busy routines.
  • Quality customer service: The company provides efficient unit replacements and is quick to respond to queries.
  • Material quality concerns: Reports of a flimsy lid and susceptibility to rust and stains on the body.
  • Exterior safety issues: The kettle's exterior can become dangerously hot, and the handle's insulation is inadequate.
Aigostar Electric Glass Kettle

Aigostar Electric Glass Kettle

Essential for tea and coffee enthusiasts.

Robust, efficient, and with a plethora of temperature settings, the Aigostar kettle caters to all hot beverage aficionados.

Save £6.00 TodayRRP £235.99
£229.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 29th May, 00:15:43

Quick heating: Boils 1.7L in 4-5 minutes
Special Feature: Built-in detachable tea infuser
Why this made our roundup: Features a convenient built-in detachable tea infuser for direct brewing.
As experts in the field of smart kettles, we have thoroughly reviewed the Aigostar Electric Glass Kettle with Variable Temperature. What we liked about the smart kettle is its excellent temperature control, allowing for precise settings suitable for different types of tea. This feature, combined with its sleek and attractive design, adds a modern and stylish touch to any kitchen. The convenient variable temperature feature offers flexibility for various beverage preparations, while the kettle's fast boiling capability saves valuable time. Additionally, the quiet operation ensures a peaceful brewing experience, and the built-in diffuser for tea brewing is a handy addition. However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The lid may become loose and fall off when pouring, posing a potential scalding hazard. Furthermore, the boiling process may take slightly longer than expected, and the color lights are not as bright as those found in other models. The keep warm function's re-boiling feature can be inconvenient when lifting the jug to pour, and the kettle has a slightly smaller capacity compared to some other models. In comparison to similar products, the smart kettlewith Variable Temperature stands out for its precise temperature control and sleek design. However, the lid's tendency to fall off and some dim lighting may be off-putting for some users. In conclusion, the app kettlewith Variable Temperature is a reliable choice for those seeking precise temperature control and a stylish design. Its versatility for different beverages and user-friendly operation make it a worthwhile investment for tea and coffee enthusiasts who value convenience and aesthetics.
  • Excellent temperature control: Precise settings for different teas.
  • Sleek design: Modern, stylish addition to any kitchen.
  • Variable temperature: Flexible for various beverages.
  • Fast boiling: Efficient, saving valuable time.
  • Quiet operation: Peaceful brewing experience.
  • Lid falls off: Potential scalding hazard while pouring.
  • Longer boiling time: May take longer than expected.
  • Dim lights: Less bright compared to competitors.

Smart Kettle Buyer’s Guide

Is it voice controlled?

If you’re going for a completely voice compatible smart home (and why wouldn’t you – using your voice to control your gadgets is AWESOME…) check to see if your shiny new smart kettle is compatible with your existing setup. the best smart kettles will indeed work with Alexa, Google Assistant and your existing smart hub.

What’s the water level?

It’s easy to get tied up in technical side of things with smart products, but don’t forget the basics when choosing the best smart kettle for your home. A good kettle should have a glass ‘window’ that lets you see how much water is in there. Some of the better ones have a double window that lets you see in both sides.

* TIP * It should be a good kettle with or without WiFi

Left or right handed?

Another thing to look out for, if you’re a ‘lefty’, is whether the smart kettle has a round base. This means you can pick the kettle up by it’s handle easily, whether you’re left or right-handed.

Helping prepare baby’s bottle

One thing that isn’t often mentioned when it comes to smart kettles, and one of the best smart kettle uses is in preparing the water to go in your baby’s bottle. If you’ve got a new born, you’ll know how time consuming it is to get the water just right (especially when you’re half asleep on night feeds. A good smart kettle can at least take some of the work of your shoulders.

For more information on general kettle buying, you might want to check out the excellent Which? guide.

Let me know in the comments down below how your smart home is coming along. Did you use any of these smart WiFi kettles? Have you found what you think is the best smart kettle? Let me know in the comments please!

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