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2024’s Must Have Intelligent Kitchen Gadgets!

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When people think about smart homes they might not consider one of the most important rooms in the house – the kitchen! Like every other area of modern smart homes, this area has some fantastic intelligent kitchen gadgets that can make life a lot easier and that you’ll want to show off to friends and family.

This guide will go over some of the best smart kitchen equipment on the market that you can buy now.

Here’s some of the crazy smart kitchen tech we’re going to look at in the next few minutes:

  • A smart toaster that will have your brekkie ready when you get up
  • An elaborate fridge that looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie
  • A bin that you never knew existed – but that you might just love
  • A kettle you can shout at!
  • Smart kitchen scales that connect to your phone

Let’s get started!

Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale and Recipe App
Above: Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale – Amazon UK

What are the UK’s Best Internet enabled kitchen appliances 2022?

As you know, at Smart Tech Stuff we love doing the research into the best products out there to hopefully save you some time. And this next section will dig into the better intelligent kitchen gadgets that are available to buy right now.

FridgeCam by Smarter (Latest Version with Food Tracking) - Wi-Fi Fridge Camera
Above: FridgeCam WiFi Fridge Camera – Amazon UK

The top recommended smart kitchen equipment you should look out for in 2024 are:

  1. Melitta Barista Smart Coffee Machine
  2. NETTA 70L Recycling Sensor Bin
  3. Samsung RB38M7998S4 Smart Fridge Freezer
  4. Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale
  5. Smart Breakfast Master Toaster
  6. Redmond Smart Multi Cooker
  7. Appkettle Wifi Smart Kettle

#1 – Melitta Barista Smart Coffee Machine

Everyone knows if you’re serious about coffee (like really serious!) then real bean to cup machines are the real deal. While impressive coffee machines aren’t anything new – there’s tons of them on the market, the Melitta Barista coffee machine offers everything you want from a good home coffee machine, PLUS smart capabilities.

Connecting this smart coffee maker to your phone lets you control the functions of the coffee machine from anywhere with the downloadable app. Operation without your phone is also really easy – with a touch sensitive panel that makes your favorite coffee with one press.

Melitta F85/0-102 Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine
Above: Melitta F85 Smart Coffee Machine – Amazon UK

Smart kitchen appliance features

  • Yummy real bean to cup coffee
  • 21 variations of coffee
  • 17 one touch recipes
  • Quiet built in grinder
  • Buttons for your favorite coffees
  • Control loads of functions with your smart phone
Best Price
£699.99 at Amazon
Price last checked: 4th Jul 2024 - 05:27

#2 – Netta 70L Recycling Sensor Bin

While it’s hard to get excited about a rubbish bin, I thought I’d write about the Netta sensor bin here as it’s actually a very handy addition to any smart kitchen. It doesn’t connect to your WiFi but it does have a build in sensor that opens the bin lid without you touching it. None of those annoying pedals or having to touch anything. Complete hands free and germ free operation.

It’s got a decent 70 litre capacity and also splits into two separate compartments for recycling and normal junk. Another good feature is that it seals all the yucky smells away so your nice modern smart kitchen will always smell fresh too.

NETTA 70L Kitchen Recycling Sensor Bin
Above: NETTA 70L Recycling Sensor Bin – Amazon UK

Smart kitchen appliance features

  • Detects motion and opens automatically
  • 70l Capacity
  • Stainless steel body
  • Batteries last 18 months
  • Split into recycling and normal waste
  • Seals in odor
Best Price
£117.99 at Amazon
Price last checked: 4th Jul 2024 - 05:30

 #3 – Samsung RB38M7998S4 Smart Fridge Freezer

Samsung RB38M7998S4
Above: Samsung RB38M7998S4 – Amazon UK

When I saw a smart fridge for the first time I thought it was a bit of a gimmick to be honest. But when you look into these intelligent kitchen gadgets and see what they can do, it might change your mind. The Samsung is a modern smart fridge freezer that’s packed with incredible features that will make like easier and save wasted food.

Ever worry that you’re eating something past it’s use by date? This fridge freezer will track when you put things in there and let you know when to eat them to eliminate waste. It’s also got cameras built into the fridge so you can check what you’re running low on from your smart phone – from anywhere!

This smart kitchen equipment also has a HUGE colour screen which can do a huge range of useful things. Forget kitchen magnets and notes – this will keep detailed schedules for the whole family, or just show a picture of your pup!

Smart kitchen appliance features

  • See whats in your fridge from anywhere
  • 3 cameras inside fridge
  • Food reminder reduces waste
  • Large coloured screen
  • Touch screen lets you order food online
  • Also displays schedules

 #4 – Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale

Some intelligent kitchen gadgets go above and beyond in trying to make life easier. The Vitamix Smart scale might just be your new best friend. Aside from merely measuring things (which it can also do, very well…) it will also help you stay healthy and stay in shape. The Vitamix Scale connects to popular fitness apps, can help with meal planning and can even let you know how much calories are in your food. That’s quite an upgrade from conventional scales. Perfect for any growing smart kitchen!

Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale and Recipe App
Above: Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale – Amazon UK
  • Choose from loads of recipes
  • Measure in ounces or calories
  • Helps with meal planning
  • And also acts as timer
  • Connects to popular fitness apps

 #5 – Smart Breakfast Master Toaster

You might just love this next intelligent kitchen gadget! How’d you like to have someone make your breakfast for you, on time, every morning from now on? Sound pretty good? Well that’s exactly what Smart’s breakfasts master toaster does. While it’s not strictly a ‘smart’ kitchen appliance as it doesn’t connect to your WiFi – it’s still worthy of a big mention. This cool little invention will cook your toast and get your eggs just how you like them, all for a set time each morning. YUM!

Smart Breakfast Master Toaster
Above: Smart Breakfast Master Toaster – Amazon UK

Smart kitchen appliance features

  • All-in-one breakfast maker
  • Cook bread, eggs and grill to perfection
  • Poach, fry or ‘boil’ eggs
  • Get breakfast ready without doing anything!

 #6 – Redmond Smart Multi Cooker

Redmond’s smart cooker is full of intelligent goodness and can easily be controlled with the free app. It’s a huge leap up from your every day cooker and has 3D heating, which is designed to heat food evenly. You can reheat dished easily and set timers to cook your food when you want it. The app gives you full control do you can start cooking your meal even before you leave the office, or check how it’s doing while you are at the gym!

Smart Multi Cooker REDMOND SkyCooker M800S-E
Above: Redmond Smart Cooker – Amazon UK

Smart kitchen appliance features

  • Fully controllable with your smart phone
  • LED display
  • 3D cooking heats everything evenly
  • 20 automatic programmes
  • Keeps food warm for 24 hours

 #7 – Appkettle Wifi Smart Kettle

While you might not think you need an all singing, all dancing smart kettle, this one is absolutely fantastic and might just convince you otherwise. Imagine being able to tell your smart kitchen to get the kettle on! You can using Appkettle’s Alexa integration. Another really nifty feature with this intelligent kitchen gadget is that it can keep water at a set temperature, so you’ll always have water ready for your cup of tea. It can also be controlled from anywhere with the downloadable app, on your phone or tablet. Very cool!

Appkettle Wifi Smart Internet App Enabled & Voice Controlled Kettle | Silver | 1.7L
Above: Appkettle Voice Controlled Kettle – Amazon UK

Smart kitchen appliance features

  • A high tech kettle that took years of development!
  • Voice enabled with Alexa
  • App works on any tablet or smart phone
  • Keep warm feature
  • Temperature controls

The quick guide to smart kitchens

What’s a smart kitchen anyway?

The whole point of anything ‘smart’ is that it’s designed to use awesome technology to make your life easier. Another thing that any smart gadget should be, or rather not be, is overly complicated. Like the smart phone, smart kitchen equipment should be fun and easy to use.

But what is a smart kitchen gadget? This usually means that it can be connected to other devices in your home via either Bluetooth or, more commonly, your home WiFi network. More often that not, your smartphone will be used to control or work with the smart kitchen appliance. This is done by downloading a free app to your smart phone from the appliance’s manufacturer.

Smart Multi Cooker REDMOND SkyCooker M800S-E
Above: Redmond Smart Multi Cooker – Amazon UK

Using your smartphone with an appliance means you’re bringing a pretty hefty computer into the mix and also getting access to a high quality touchscreen to control your smart kitchen appliance with.

Smart technology is creeping into every aspect of our lives, from security to entertainment and the kitchen is no different. Things like the voice controlled Alexa or Google assistant are also becoming an every day gadget that can be used to control different appliances at home with your voice.

There’s a wealth of wondrous new smart kitchen gadgets set to change and improve your kitchen life.

Smarter 88-SMKET01-UK iKettle Smart WiFi Kettle
Above: Smarter iKettle – Amazon UK

What kinds of WiFi kitchen gadgets can you get?

You’ll be amazed just how many cool, unexpected and sometimes mid boggling gizmos you can get to help out in the kitchen. Some of the most common intelligent kitchen gadgets include:

  • Smart cookers
  • Smart fridges and fridge freezers
  • Toasters and other small appliances
  • Scales
  • Refuse / recycling
  • Lighting
  • Coffee makers
  • Even WiFi washing machines

Each have their own use of smart technology with the central aim of giving you more control and peace of mind, and not having to be tied to the kitchen while the appliance is doing it’s job. (Some smart kitchen gadgets, such as a smart cooker, allow you to start cooking your evening meal before you even leave the office!)

What do you need to get started with a smart kitchen?

If you’ve got WiFi set up at home, then it’s highly likely that you’ll also have a router installed. That’s one of the essential bits you’ll need. This is what your new intelligent kitchen equipment will use to connect with your home network.

It’s also likely you’ve got a smartphone or tablet too. That’s the second item you’ll definitely need to get started on a smart kitchen. From there the smart appliances you choose to go in your kitchen are up to you.

Most people probably don’t throw out their existing appliances and buy a fresh new set of smart WiFi enabled kitchen appliances (well, maybe if you with the lottery) but if you’re looking to replace a cooker, buy a new toaster, or get a new coffee machine then you should definitely look at the SMART version of these products!

Let me know in the comments down below how your smart home is coming along. Did you use any of these products? What intelligent kitchen gadgets are you using that you thing our readers will love?

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