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Best Camera SmartWatch Ultimate 2023 Guide

There’s lots of practical uses for having a smart watch with a built in camera, but lets be honest the main reason you’d get on is they’re unbelievably FUN.

This guide will look at some of the UK’s best camera watches and help you choose one that’s right for you. The good news is, oddly enough, this kind of watch isn’t especially expensive. And they do a lot of handy things other than take pics and video.

Top Pick

If you’re short on time: the #1 smart watch for anyone wanting to take pics from their wrist is the FensAide I4 Air 3G. We love the quality of both the watch and the 5 megapixel snaps it can take. See it on Amazon

Taking snaps from your wrist: Finding the top camera smartwatch of 2023

Let’s dive in and check out some of the latest smart watch cameras you can get online in the UK today. We’ll go over what each one does, as well as cover what each watch is best suited for.

FensAide I4 Air 3G Smart Wrist Watch Phone 2GB 16GB 5MP Camera Voice Search Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor smartwatch
Above: FensAide I4 Air Smart Wrist Watch – Amazon UK

The best connected home devices we recommend are:

  1. FensAide I4 Air 3G
  2. Storagc Bluetooth Smartwatch
  3. Onmet Waterproof Kids Smart Camera Watch
  4. VeryCozy Bluetooth Camera Watch
  5. FensAide I4 Air 3G

Lets go over each smart camera watch in more detail:

#1 – FensAide I4 Air 3G

* Best high quality smart watch camera

What does it do?

the FensAide I4 Air is a brilliantly designed smart watch with a whopping colour screen that covers the face. There’s no hard edges here and this is a beautifully designed smart watch. The camera is a really good sized 5MP and the battery has a decent 72 hours stand by time. It works with all the popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger and so on.

Who will like this camera smart watch?

This is another smart phone camera that’s a good choice for all-round use. It’s the best looking smart watch cam I’ve found and has everything from heart rate sensors, GPS info, smart phone integration and music functions. You can set the watch face to work-friendly faces or ones you can enjoy in leisure time.

Any drawbacks?

This is a really good quality smart watch camera that offers an absolute boatload of fun and practical features. The only thing that might put some people off is the price which, although not high for a smart gadget, is more expensive than some of the brands in this category.

Smart Device Features

  • 5 MegaPixel high quality camera
  • Large colour touch screen
  • Heart rate monitor & pedometer
  • Message & call reminder

Check out the lowest price on Amazon

 #2 – Storagc Bluetooth Smartwatch

* Best quality pictures

This smart watch has a top quality camera

It’s honestly hard to find something this camera watch doesn’t do. The face you see in this pic is actually the colour screen pretending to be a regular watch. Apart from setting different faces, you can view your photo masterpieces. The outward-facing side camera is a serious bit of kit too – boasting an 8 MP resolution for photos you can even print.

This is a good watch for communicating too. You can connect it to your phone via bluetooth or adding in a sim card lets you use the watch to make calls.

Is this smart watch the one for you?

This isn’t the cheapest smart watch with a built in camera but it’s definitely one of the better quality models. Another plus that might sway you to this one is that it runs the main apps like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and the other biggies.

Another big plus with this watch is it’s seriously beautiful. There’s tons of watch ‘backgrounds’ you can choose, for any occasion and they look amazing.

Smart Watch Features

  • Gorgeous design
  • Make calls or connect with bluetooth
  • Runs the major apps
  • Excellent choice for fitness peeps
  • Really good quality camera

Check out the lowest price on Amazon

#3 – Onmet Waterproof Kids Smart Camera Watch

* Best camera smart watch for the Kids!

A brilliant camera watch with GPS tracker

Everyone wants to keep their children safe and one of the best things with ONMet’s smart camera watch is that it has a built in GPS tracker, so you can see exactly where your children are around the clock. You can monitor them real-time on your smart phone with the free SeTracker app.

Not scared of water

Another plus with Omnet’s kids smart watch is that they don’t have to take it off when in the bath or shower, and it can be worn while swimming. This is great because it’s easy to make a mistake and forget some watches don’t like water.

Check on the children with the built in camera

If you want to check up on the children without bothering them this watch has a great little feature where you can take a peek at them using the app and the built in camera. There’s also an ‘SOS’ button that children can press to alert parents they require assistance.

Aside from the practical stuff, this watch is also a lot of fun. The bright, coloured screen can play games or run apps safely. It’s something children will love playing with and using every day. If your child knows someone with another Omnet kids smart watch, they can even use them as walkie-talkies.

Smart Camera Watch Features

  • Built in GPS tracker
  • Watch to watch chat or watch to phone chat
  • Waterproof (fine for swimming)
  • Bright, colourful screen
  • Lots of apps & games
  • Comes in pink or blue

 #4 – VeryCozy Bluetooth Camera Watch

* Best budget priced smart watch with camera

This cheap smart watch (with a camera) might just surprise you

It’s surprising what you can get if you’re looking for the best camera smartwatch on a budget! If you want to test out the kinds of things you can do with a smart watch, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you might just love the VeryCozy smart watch, which normally retails around the £30 mark.

There’s lots of cool features that make this the best camera smartwatch for shoppers on a budget including a nifty colour touch screen, the ability to add a sim card and make full calls, and it’s also great for playing music and tracking fitness.

Is this the smart watch camera gadget for you?

It’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for a gift for someone who would like a smart watch with a camera, or if you want a decent quality smart watch to take pics and videos. While it can’t compete with the more expensive watches, and doesn’t run major apps, this is a great little smartwatch for the price.

Smart Camera Watch Features

  • Super-low price tag
  • Colour touch screen
  • Play music and track fitness
  • Decent 1.3 MP built-in camera
  • Bluetooth and SIM card

Why you’ll love taking pics with your watch

Aside from obvious James Bond fantasies, there’s plenty of practical reasons you’d want a camera on your smart phone. And, although smart watches like the Apple Watch don’t yet have build in cameras, there are plenty of choices on the market in 2023 of awesome smart watches with cameras to choose from.

There are lots of legit reasons you’d want to take secret video, that don’t include making funny off-the-cuff movies of family members.

Taking pics with your watch never gets old

One of the weird things with camera smart phone watches is that it’s actually pretty hard to see the actual camera lens. Unless you really know where to look, it’s easy to overlook. So there’s no need to worry about it interfering with the smart watches design, or being flagged by onlookers as inappropriate.

Don’t forget video

There are lots of legit reasons you’d want to take secret video, that don’t include making funny off-the-cuff movies of family members. How about recording an important meeting or presentation, so you can swat-up on it later and get some serious brownie points? You’ll find plenty of uses for a watch that can record video and audio, as well as do all the other ‘smart watch stuff’.

FensAide I4 Air 3G Smart Wrist Watch Phone 2GB 16GB 5MP Camera Voice Search Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor smartwatch
Above: FensAide I4 Air 3G – Amazon UK

Think of all the times you’ve wished you had a camera (or your phone) but didn’t – and missed an important pic. Whether you want to make a quick vlog, record a message for someone, or take a cute snap of your pooch, a quick press on a smart watch camera and you’re done. Getting pics off the watch is easy, or you can browse and show them off on the colour screen.

Changing your face is cool!

One thing that’s a lot of fun with smart watches is that, thanks to the colour screens they have, you can set a wide range of watch faces to suit your mood. Anything from traditional-looking watches to gorgeous vistas of serene beaches, or a favourite pic of your pet.

Connecting your watch with your phone

There’s a number of really handy ways the best camera smartwatch gadgets interact with your smart phone. From making full-blown calls (talking to your wrist like a BOSS) to just notifying you that you’ve got a message. You can also send photos to and from your phone.

Pretty much every wearable smart watch camera should also have a free app you can download to let you get more control over your new watch. One really good use for this is if you’re going to be tracking your fitness with your watch and your phone.

Camera Smart watch Guide

Buying the best camera smartwatch isn’t too tricky. But there’s a few pitfalls and things to look out for before you jump in. Here’s a quick guide to some specs to look into, and some questions you’ll want to ask when picking your perfect watch.

What’s it look like?

Lets start with something superficial, shall we? An awkward truth is that some smart camera watches are a bit, shall we say, UGLY! While it’s great to read the specs and get a good deal for your new smart watch, it’s also important to pick one that you like the look of, that’s comfy and that’s appropriate for the workplace.

There’s some real beauties and some real beasts in the world of the smart watch with cameras built in!

What else does it do?

It’s unlikely you’ll find a smart watch that just takes pics and tells the time. Nope, they’re usually packed with lots of other useful gadgetry, designed to make your life easier… or just more fun. Other things your smart cam watch can do include music, SMS calls or just notification.

Is it waterproof?

Unlike smart phones, many camera smart watches will have some degree of protection against waterproofing. As with other gadgets, this level of protection is measured on the IP Rating Chart. The second digit after the IP refers to water protection. So something like IP68 has an ‘8’ protection against liquids (can be submerged in water in this case).

Whether or not you’re going to be deep sea diving with your new watch, it’s worth making sure it’s at least protected against splashes! IP67 or higher means your smart watch (or your child’s smart watch) can be worn whilst swimming.

Will it sync with your smart phone?

One of the first tasks you’ll want to undertake when you open your new camera smartwatch is to connect it to your smart phone. Even if you’re not looking to answer calls on your watch, it’s a good idea to sync things like contacts, music or just download the app that that will show your fitness progress. Most smart watches will work with the big 2 (Android and Apple iOS) but check that’s the case before buying.

What is the image resolution?

Like any camera, one of the most important specs to look at when picking the best camera smartwatch is how good the image quality is. While there’s rarely detailed specs on the quality of the camera on a smart phone (frustratingly) you can often get a clue as to how sharp the picture is by hunting out the MP (MegaPixel) resolution.

The higher MP number, the more pixels your smartwatch’s camera will be able to capture, and the better the image will look – especially when printed, or viewed on a bigger screen than the one on the watch.

There’s a handy chart here on what the different MP numbers equate to in terms of resolution.

Battery life

One thing that is new to smart watches is the fact that the battery needs to be charged regularly. Normal watches can run for years without a battery change. While you’ll never need to open it up and change the battery, you will need to charge it via it’s USB cable or charger to keep it running.

Battery life isn’t the most exciting thing to consider when picking out a lovely new camera smart watch but it’s definitely important. Check out things like:

  • Standby time (how long it will run without any interaction)
  • Continuous call time (will be much shorter)
  • How long it takes for a full charge (not always mentioned)

Even if you buy the best camera smartwatch on the market, it’s still worth getting into a habit of charging it up along side your smart phone, so you don’t run out of power when you need it.

Other smart watches will run their own proprietary applications. Don’t end up disappointed that your camera smart watch won’t work with your favourite apps.

What apps can you use?

One of the biggies when picking the best camera watch for yourself is to check into what apps it can run. Depending on the product you go for, some are happy running third party apps such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Other smart watches will run their own proprietary applications. Don’t end up disappointed that your camera smart watch won’t work with your favourite apps.

Check what apps your watch runs before buying.

Hey! Found a watch that’s the best camera smartwatch in the world? Like ever?! Then please let me know in the comments. If you can send some pics, or even a video that would be more than appreciated by our readers! Thanks and happy shopping.

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