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Our Favourite SmartThings Devices from 2024

Samsung are one of the companies who have really seized on the smart technology market and are releasing some insanely cool products for your smart home in 2024. Like Philips, they’ve bundled all of these products together into the awesome SmartThings brand. What is Samsung SmartThings? It covers everything from entertainment to security!

This guide will give you everything you need to know about this gorgeous, cutting edge, ultra-easy-to-use tech, and what we think are the best Samsung SmartThing Devices in 2024.

What are some of the best SmartThings Devices?

In the next part of this guide, we’re going to dive in and look at some of the most popular and useful products you can rig up to your Samsung Smart Hub. There’s a wealth of brilliant Samsung and Third party gadgets that you can use to turn your home into a seriously smart home. Here’s some that we think you’ll get the most out of.

SmartThings Hub (V3)
Above: SmartThings Hub – Amazon UK

The Samsung SmartThings products we’re covering here are:

  1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  2. Yale Key-less Connected Smart Door Lock
  3. Philips Hue Home Automation Smart Bridge and hue lights
  4. Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit
  5. Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet
  6. Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor
  7. Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor
  8. Samsung SmartThings Smart button
  9. Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor
  10. Netatmo Smart Thermostat

#1 – Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit

What’s it do?

The Samsung SmartThings hub is the central part that connects all the other bits of your smart home together. You’ll need to buy this hub if you want to use SmartThings at home. You can control, monitor and automate lots of handy things with your SmartThings hub and, while they’re available separately, you’re better off buying a starter kit as it will save money.

Why you should get it

The SmartThings starter kit contains the hub itself, one plug, one motion sensor and two smart things multi-purpose sensors. These are core parts that will let you start kitting your home out with smart technology. With this one kit you’ll be able to do loads of cool stuff including home security.

Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit - White
Above: Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit – Amazon UK

SmartThings Device Features

  • Good way to get started with SmartThings
  • 2 x multi-purpose cupboard / door sensors
  • 1 presence sensor
  • 5 x quick start guides
  • 1 x power outles

See more at Amazon

#2 – Ring Video Doorbell Pro

What’s it do?

The Ring Doorbell is a smart video doorbell. It replaces your boring old one and whenever anyone presses the bell, you can ‘answer’ the doorbell using your smartphone. The awesome thing is that you don’t have to actually be at home (although it’s really useful to get rid of door-to-door sales people too).

Why you should get this device

Security is a massive reason to get some smart tech at the front door of your home. The Ring Doorbell is a compact, brilliant way to keep track of who is there and to keep your home safe, even when you’re on holiday. It replaces something as ordinary as a doorbell with a sophisticated security smart device. Nice!

Ring Video Doorbell Pro | Kit with Chime and Transformer
Above: Ring Video Doorbell Pro – Amazon UK

SmartThings Features

  • Works with Alexa
  • See and speak to visitors at your door
  • Monitor your home with 1080p sharp video
  • Theft protection – if they nick it, it’s replaced free
  • Even detects motion!

See more at Amazon

#3 – Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock

What’s it do?

This smart lock replaces your existing lock (it’s pretty easy to fit) with a very handy new smart version. Once installed you can monitor and control your door easily. Open your lock with your smart phone and a lot more. You can even ask Alexa if your door is locked.

Why you should get it

Never get locked out of your house, or struggle with arms full of shopping and keys again. With the Yale smart lock, which is completely compatible with SmartThings, you can control your door lock in new and impressive ways. It will unlock when you’re near and much more.

Yale Smart Living YD-01-CON-NOMOD-CH Keyless Connected Ready Smart Door Lock
Above: Yale Smart Living Lock – Amazon UK

SmartThings Features

  • Works with Alexa
  • When you go key-less you’ll never go back
  • Built in tamper alarm
  • Loads of ways to unlock your door
  • 100% compatible with SmartThings

See more at Amazon

#4 – Philips Hue Home Automation Smart Bridge and hue lights

What’s it do?

While you can get separate bulbs that you can use in your SmartHome, they’re pretty much left in the dust by some of the things the awesome ‘Hue’ system from Philips can offer. Surprisingly, Samsung SmartThings is compatible with this, but you do need to buy the Smart Bridge to get them talking to each other.

Why you should get it

Philips Hue lighting is definitely knocking it out of the park at the minute with it’s range of innovative smart lighting. You can control the colour of your lighting, turn lights on when you get home, set up crazy party lights, add ambient effects to your TV and a ridiculous amount of other cool things. It’s great that they work with SmartThings too.

Phillips Hue Personal Wireless WiFi Lighting Home Automation Bridge
Above: Phillips Hue Personal Bridge – Amazon UK

SmartThings Device Features

  • Works with Alexa
  • Change colour of lights
  • Integrate easily with Samsung SmartThings
  • Wide range of lighting products
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting

See the Hue Lights at Amazon

See the Smart Bridge at Amazon

#5 – Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet

What’s it do?

While it’s hard to get excited about a plug, especially an expensive one, there’s plenty of amazing stuff you can achieve with the SmartThings power outlets. Once plugged into an existing socket you’ll be able to monitor and control anything that’s plugged into it with your smart phone or voice.

Why you should get it

Bring smart control to any existing appliance you have. See if the iron’s been left on, boil your kettle at a certain time, turn off lights or any other appliance – even if you’re not home. Turn on your fan if your sensor detects it’s too hot. These are just some examples of things you can do with the outlet.

Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet
Above: Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet – Amazon UK

SmartThings Device Features

  • Turn any appliance into a smart one
  • Nothing to wire, plugs into existing socket
  • Easy to connect to the SmartThings hub
  • Power coffee machines, fans, heaters and more
  • Use as many as you like

See more at Amazon

#6 – Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

What is Samsung SmartThings multi-purpose sensor?

The multi-purpose sensor is a great addition to your smart home because it lets you monitor doors, cupboards and windows easily. It also does something else clever too – it’s got a temperature sensor built in. You can also detect vibrations which has security uses, or to simply tell when your laundry has finished.

Why you should get it

These sensors can be used to trigger events in your smart home, such as alerting you when a door has been opened, or turning the lights on when you enter a room. The more sensors you have, the more areas of your home you’ll be able to monitor. They’re great for if you have children at home too and want to check when they open a door or cupboard.

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor
Above: SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor – Amazon UK

SmartThings Device Features

  • Each sensor can detect multiple kinds of events
  • Attaches easily without screws
  • Monitor vibration, temperature or open doors
  • Check if a door has been opened
  • Get alerts to your smart phone

See more at Amazon

#7 – Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor

What does Samsung SmartThings Presence sensor do?

The presence sensor is another kind of SmartThings sensor that can be used to trigger different events, or to check up on something. This sensor will tell your smart home hub where it is. You can put it in your child’s backpack to check where they are, or have it on you so that you can turn the lights on when you get home.

Why you should get it

While your smart home can’t ‘see’ where you are (that would be creepy…) it can use this sensor to detect where people are. This is useful for safety reasons, like checking someone has returned home at a certain time, or doing fun stuff such as turning on the music and lights when you get home. It can also open your door automatically.

Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor
Above: Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor – Amazon UK

SmartThings Device Features

  • Get alerts where people or pets are
  • Use to trigger all kinds of events
  • Detect when you arrive home
  • Lock or unlock your door when near

See more at Amazon

#8 – Samsung SmartThings Smart button

What is a ‘Samsung SmartThings Button’?

The SmartThings button is a great little addition to your Samsung smart home that doesn’t cost the earth. While it’s great to have voice control and smart phoen control over your smart home, sometimes it’s just nice to have a button to push.

Why you should get it

But even the smart button has more to it that it first appears. You can double tap or press and hold, to get more possible uses from one button. It can be easily attached to a wall or carried around. Use it to control any part of your smart home and set it’s uses easily with the SmartThings app.

SmartThings Smart Button
Above: SmartThings Smart Button – Amazon UK

SmartThings Device Features

  • Multi-use button
  • Control anything in your smart home
  • Create simple or complex uses easily
  • Portable
  • Long life battery

See more at Amazon

#9 – Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

What is Samsung SmartThings water leak sensor?

As the name suggests, this gadget is a more practical type of addition to your smart home that will let you know if it detects any water. Anything from leaving the bath on, to more serious plumbing problems can be detected.

Why you should get it

If you’ve had problems with flooding in the past, or just want extra peace of mind, this might be worth looking in to. If it detects moisture, it will instantly send you an alert to your smart phone and can also produce a siren.

SmartThings Water Leak Sensor
Above: SmartThings Water Leak Sensor – Amazon UK

SmartThings Device Features

  • Get instant alert about a leak
  • Trigger a light or siren

See more at Amazon

#10 – Netatmo Smart Thermostat

What’s it do?

Controlling your home’s heating with your smart home is one of the best uses of the technology. The Netatmo smart thermostat integrates easily with your existing heating system and will take control over how the boiler heats your home. One of the best features is it can save you a fair bit of change off your energy bill.

Why you should get it

Aside from saving money by only using the boiler when it needs to, the Netatmo thermo can also do clever stuff like turn off the boiler if it detects no-one is home, or warm your house up just how you like it for when you arrive home (using GPS and your proximity to home). And who doesn’t want to be able to turn the heating down with an Alexa voice command?

Netatmo Smart Thermostat for individual boiler
Above: Netatmo Smart Thermostat – Amazon UK

SmartThings Device Features

  • Save money off your energy bill
  • Control your heating with your voice
  • Fires the boiler the minimum amount
  • Set heating profiles around your lifestyle
  • Warm the house for when you get home

See more at Amazon

What is Samsung SmartThings?

SmartThings is Samsung’s current devices for the smart home. It covers a wide range of devices that are all compatible with each other. They cover all of the following areas:

  • Security cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Temperature and other kinds of monitors
  • Entertainment like Smart TVs
  • Lighting

Like all good home technology Samsung’s gadgets and devices utilize your home WiFi, and other technology like GPS to work together. You don’t have to buy everything at once either. You will need the Samsung Smart Hub, but once you’ve got that, you’re free to expand your network of Samsung Smart products when you need to.

What is the Samsung SmartThings Hub?

One component you’ll absolutely need to get your Samsung smart home off the ground is their SmartThings hub. This is the central device that will be at the center of your smart home and hooks everything together. It connects into your WiFi router (either with an Ethernet cable (most reliable!) or via WiFi (most portable method).

You’ll also need broadband internet – although you don’t need some blistering fast connection. You’ll only need one SmartThings hub no matter how many devices you need to connect.

What does the Samsung SmartThings App do?

While the Smart hub connects all the smart home devices together, you’ll need a good way to control all of these wonderful new home gizmos. To this end, the free Samsung SmartThings app (available for Android and Apple devices) gives you a very easy-to-use interface to access and control your smart devices.

You can do very simple things, like turning something OFF, to more advanced stuff such as setting lots of devices to do something at a certain time.

What is Samsung SmartThings capable of?

People are constantly finding new and clever ways to combine the SmartThings devices to achieve new and wonderful things. You can teach your home to do new tricks that will make your life easier and more fun! Some simple examples anyone can setup easily are:

  • Use a door sensor to check your door is closed from anywhere
  • Adjust TV settings with the app
  • Control your home lighting
  • Set the temperature of your home
  • Hold the SmartThings button to dim your lights
  • View your property through a cam when you’re away
  • Turn off multiple electrical devices when you leave
  • Put the tracker in the kid’s backpack to see where they are
  • Use GPS to turn on the lights when you get home
  • Lock all the doors when you leave

And a LOT more…

Netatmo Smart Thermostat for individual boiler
Above: Netatmo Smart Thermostat for individual boiler – Amazon UK

What kind of awesome stuff can you do with SmartThings?

If you’ve done any research into what is Samsung SmartThings you’ll find that there’s many ways you can combine the different components to create some amazing and practical uses for your smart home.

How do I know what is Samsung SmartThings compatible?

One important thing about using Samsung to take care of your smart home is that you aren’t just tied to products made by Samsung. There’s a whole world of smart products that will work with Samsung Smart Hub and are ‘SmartThings compatible’. Everything from door locks to security cameras can work with your Samsung smart hub and it should say in the product description what is compatible.

There’s a list of great products you can use with SmartThings below to get you started!

QUICK TIP – is device X compatible with SmartThings?

MOST modern gadgets are compatible with Samsung SmartThings, but never just buy something and hope it will all fit together. Some smart tech can be very expensive and you don’t want to waste time sending it back. A quick google search for “Is nest thermostat compatible with Smart-things?” will, 99% of the time, bring back quick answers to if a device will work with SmartThings. OR how hard it is to get it working.

Good news – SmartThings loves Alexa

Love your Amazon Alexa? Then you’ll be pleased to know that your Alexa device will work very happily alongside Samsung SmartThings to give you fantastic voice control over your Smart Home. Using Alexa is definitely a highlight of making your home smarter and you’ll be able to enjoy using it with Samsung’s Smart Hub.

Check out the SmartThings Community

This guide is just a basic introduction answering “what is Samsung SmartThings?” But there’s an absolutely fantastic forum available with answers to just about every question you could think of.

Thanks for reading! I hope this what is Samsung SmartThings guide has been useful! Let me know in the comments down below how your smart home is coming along. Did you use any of these products? Which smart gadgets are you using that you think our readers will love?

And checkout Samsung’s official page for more details on the awesome SmartThings.

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