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Accfly Smart Video Doorbell Review

Smart video doorbells are one of the best inventions we’ve seen come out of the recent boom in smart home technology. Not only do they keep you safe when you’re not in the house, they can also give you peace of mind when you’re not at home.

Wireless Video Doorbell Accfly WiFi Smart Doorbell with Chime 16G Card 720P HD 166° Wide Angle Door View Security Camera 2-Way Talk
Above: Accfly Smart Doorbell – Amazon UK

In this review, we’re taking a look at the Accfly Smart Doorbell (Available on Amazon) – a budget priced entry into the market. We’re asking: can a cheap video doorbell really stack up with the more expensive likes of Ring and other products like it?

Unlike a lot of reviews – this is a real one with GOOD and BAD things you should be aware of before you buy this smart doorbell.

What does this doorbell do?

The Accfly doorbell is very similar to the large number of competing product you can find on Amazon, such as the Innotic doorbell and the Yinxn video doorbell. The idea is simple – replace your existing doorbell with this way more advanced one and you’ll be able to do a lot more than just hear when someone presses the button.

It’s primarily a security / safety smart device but it will also save you time and offer a lot of convenience. It’s also a lot of fun talking to friends and family.

It comes with the button unit and a chime which you can place anywhere. Once set up, you’ll connect your smart phone and the doorbell over WiFi and be able to do a number of important things.

When someone presses the button, the Accfly will immediately notify you and you’ll be able to talk real-time with whoever it is.

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Primary uses of this doorbell

  • Deter people from stealing parcels that have been left
  • Let you talk to and see people at the door (great for cold callers)
  • Take video of any movement
  • Keep an eye on your property when you’re not home
  • Give the illusion you ARE home, even if you’re on holiday

Quick run down of this smart doorbell’s features

Overall, the Accfly has a good range of features that you’d expect to find in more expensive doorbells. Here’s an at-a-glance on what you can expect from it.

  • 720p video – We’d have preferred 1080p, but this is still 720 and nice and clear.
  • Realtime two-way video chat – Don’t you hate it when you answer the door and it’s a salesman. This is a great way to filter out anyone you don’t need to deal with in person.
  • Smart PIR detection – The Accfly doorbell will detect motion and only start recording if there’s actually anything happening. This is great because it saves wasted storage.
  • IR Night Vision – This is essential. You need to be able to get decent quality video during low light.
  • Connect via your WiFi – The doorbell connects to your existing home WiFi, in order to ‘talk’ to your phone and other smart devices.
  • Comes with a ‘chime’ – this bit doesn’t rely on your WiFi and is the part that makes the audible chime when someone presses the button. Who doesn’t like a good DingDong!

Things we liked about the Accfly Doorbell

Excellent quality sound and camera

Both visual and audio from this camera doorbell are top notch. This is definitely one of the highlights of the budget-priced Accfly. The video is crisp and sharp on your smart phone and the sound is clear. You’ll be able to hear whoever you’re talking to and vice versa.

The chime is versatile and works well

Wireless Video Doorbell Accfly WiFi Smart Doorbell with Chime 16G Card 720P HD 166° Wide Angle Door View Security Camera 2-Way Talk
Above: Accfly’s chime has 52 rings – Amazon UK

The part of the kit that makes the noise has a whopping choice of 52 doorbell noises (who’d have thought there were that many!) It also has a variety of volume settings from annoyingly loud, down to – ‘nobody gonna hear that’. You’ll likely find one that’s perfect for you pretty easily.

The free Accfly app works a treat

Wireless Video Doorbell Accfly WiFi Smart Doorbell with Chime 16G Card 720P HD 166° Wide Angle Door View Security Camera 2-Way Talk
Above: The Accfly’s App works great – Amazon UK

These smart doorbells are really only as good as the software you use on your phone. Thankfully, Accfly have done a good job with this one and it’s very easy to access all the features of this doorbell. When someone presses the doorbell, you’ll get a call from your phone, from the app, and can jump into video call.

The rechargeable batteries last AGES

After charging the USB batteries up via trusty old USB, they’ll last about 3 – 4 months. It takes less than 3 hours to get a full charge so there’s not too much maintenance involved.

Wireless Video Doorbell Accfly WiFi Smart Doorbell with Chime 16G Card 720P HD 166° Wide Angle Door View Security Camera 2-Way Talk
Above: Accfly – Amazon UK

It’s easy to setup

One of the small but pleasant surprises is that you get a lot of handy things in the box. Here’s the full list of stuff you get with this video doorbell.

1 * Accfly Doorbell 1 * Wireless Doorbell Chime 2 * 18650 batteries 1 * Mounting bracket 5 * Mounting screws 2 * Hardwire Screws 1 * Security Screw 5 * Anchors 1 * Hexkey 1 *Video Doorbell User Manual 1 * Wireless Doorbell Chime User Manual

Things we don’t like about this Smart Doorbell

There’s no waterproofing

This is a strange omission and something that might put people off. The idea is that you’d install it on doors with shelter, such as a porch. But with the IP rating being waterproof on most video doorbells, it’s a shame this cheaper one hasn’t got it.

No streaming / cloud storage

One thing I’d have liked to see on the Accfly is the ability to store photos and videos on the cloud. As it stands, you’re tied to the built in SD card (the default one being 16GB). This won’t be a huge issue, especially if you buy a new card but it would have been a smart move to include cloud storage.

Conclusion – should you buy the Accfly smart doorbell?

We’re extremely impressed with the Accfly doorbell’s quality and features. As long as you don’t mind not having the Ring doorbell brand, then this is a good cheaper alternative. The sound and video quality are excellent and for the price, this is an extremely good quality video doorbell. Highly recommended!

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Full Features of the Accfly Smart System

Resolution1280 * 720
Field of view166°
AudioTwo-way talk with noise cancellation
RecordingDevice SD cardrecording
BatteryTwo 18650specification batteries(Batteries are rechargeable)
MonitoringDevicebutton/Motion detection/Remote live view
Night Mode?Yes, IR night vision

References, resources and further reading

The official Accfly website has plenty of interesting gadgets they’ve been working on, as well as the contact info if you require support. You can also get manuals from there.

You can contact Accfly on the following phone number

Phone: +86-755-85276232

There’s a good review from Benson Chik about his experiences with the Accfly doorbell here:

If you want to find other ways to keep your home protected, apart from picking a good smart doorbell, then the police UK website is actually a good place to start.

As well as 9 ways you can make your home safer, thanks to Suzanne Raga over at mentalFloss.com

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