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Innotic Video Doorbell Review

It’s no secret that we’re a fan of video door bells here on SmartTechStuff. They keep your home safer, give you peace of mind and mean you know exactly who is at the door whenever the bell rings.

The Innotic Video Doorbell

In this review we’re diving deep into the Innotic Video Doorbell. Like the Accfly smart doorbell and the Yinxn video doorbell we reviewed previously, this is a lesser known brand of doorbell that has the main selling point: a nice low price! It’s currently around a quarter the price of something like the Ring Doorbell.

But can the (much) cheaper Innotic hold it’s own in the shadow of the well-known best seller? Let’s find out how it did. We’ll look at the good, the bad and the ugly!

What does this doorbell do?

This is a smart doorbell from a lesser known company electronics company called Innotic. It works exactly like a regular doorbell but has several handy improvements!

The Innotic video door bell is crammed with features, but the way it works is basically as follows. Someone presses the doorbell and you are immediately contacted on your mobile. (It also makes the traditional “ding dong!” thanks to a ringer you place in your home). You can then talk to the person at the door – for example tell a delivery driver to hang on, while you find your keys.

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Primary uses of this doorbell

  • Answer the door without actually answering the door – safety!
  • Handle delivery drivers and avoid missing parcels
  • Track and record activity around the doorbell
  • Deter parcel theft
  • …and unwanted home entry via the front door
  • Get shot of cold callers without the awkward conversations

Quick run down of this smart doorbell’s features

For a smart doorbell camera that costs around the £50 mark, the Innotic product has a good range of features that you might not expect at this price point.

  • 720p video – HD video quality. As with other cheaper video bells, it’s not full HD, but we expected that at this price.
  • Low power consumption – This doorbell is primarily operated with the included rechargeable batteries. (You don’t need an extra charger as they can be charged in the doorbell).
  • Two way audio – you can have a real time conversation with whoever is at your door.
  • IR Night Vision – Another thing we always like to see on a smart doorbell! You’ll be able to see who’s at your door once it gets dark.
  • PIR detection – The Innotic doorbell has PIR motion detection. This detects anything moving around the doorbell. And will alert you, or make a recording of it.
  • Includes the ringer – Also known as the doorbell chime, this is the part you put inside your property so you can hear the doorbell ringing when you’re at home.
  • 155 degree viewing angle – This is the angle that you can see what’s happening around the camera.
  • SD & cloud storage – Videos can be stored on either an SD card, or to the cloud – a free service that stores your videos online. There’s no sneaky costs involved in this either.

Things we liked about the Innotic Doorbell

It’s really cheap!

If you like the sound of having a video doorbell but don’t like the hefty price that comes with it, then the Innotic might be for you. It’s one of the cheaper WiFi video bells we’ve seen and, for the price, has a good set of features and actually works well. It’s definitely not some cheap toy, and will do the job.

It’s easy to install

Set aside ten minutes or so for the installation. Our main tip would be to check it works, and check it’s right for you – as much as you can – PRIOR to putting any holes in your front door. This video doorbell is easy to setup and you probably won’t want to opt for the extra £120 installation.

It can be wired in (which isn’t apparent from the information we’ve read on the Innotic) or you can simply use the included batteries.

It works perfectly as a video doorbell

The Innotic doorbell connects into your home WiFi and will let you know whenever anyone presses the doorbell, or is just moving around outside, thanks to it’s motion sensor. As a way to talk to someone and see who is out there, it works extremely well.

The image quality is good and you can answer the door using your phone, even if you’re at the gym, or on holiday. The free app is simple to use and it just works.

Cloud storage on a budget device?

One nice surprise was that you get free cloud storage with the Innotic doorbell. Nice! There’s no subscription fees to be paid and it’s a good alternative and addition to your SD storage.

It looks good and is robust

for a budget product, this is a pretty robust video doorbell. Innotic have done a good job on the aesthetics and it’s in line with the modern batch of smart doorbells. It’s not small, at around 5.5″ in length, and has a hefty look to it in the flesh. But you can’t argue with it’s design and for the price it’s good.

Things we don’t like about this Smart Doorbell

Ambiguous waterproofing

Having looked at the Innotic video doorbell and researched into it as well, it’s still not clear just how waterproof it is. Our best guide would be to say it’s apparently weather-proof but it’s not clear what some serious prolonged exposure to the UK’s wetter seasons might do to it.

Battery life could be better

Depending on how you set your PIR sensor and how much the doorbell has to do, you can expect somewhere in the region of 2 – 3 weeks battery life per charge. The batteries are charges using the included mains charger, so don’t go out and buy an extra charger! The battery life on the Innotic smart doorbell is slightly disappointing, especially compared to the Accfly doorbell, which we reviewed earlier.

Recorded videos are limited to 8 seconds

The Innotic has one frustrating limitation when it comes to the length of the recorded movies. They’re limited to 8 seconds, as fat as we could see. Let us know in the comments if you have this video doorbell and found a way around this, or if we’ve just missed something!

Conclusion – should you buy the Innotic doorbell?

There’s pros and cons to the budget prices Innotic product. It’s definitely not a Ring doorbell beater, but who would expect it to be at this price point. If you’re looking for a low-priced doorbell that gets the actual doorbell part right, then this is a good buy. Anyone looking for a high-quality doorbell might want to look at investing a bit more, or waiting for a sale.

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Full Features of the Innotic Doorbell

Resolution1280 * 720
Field of view155°
WiFi 2.4Ghz WiFi
AudioTwo-way talk with noise
RecordingDevice SD card recording
Cloud storageYes
BatteryTwo 18650 specification batteries
MonitoringDevice button
Motion detection
Remote live view
Night Mode?Yes

References, resources and further reading

Here’s a quick video of how video doorbells like the Innotic and the Ring work:

If you want to find other ways to keep your home protected, apart from picking a good smart doorbell, then the police UK website is actually a good place to start.

As well as 9 ways you can make your home safer, thanks to Suzanne Raga over at mentalFloss.com

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