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Mylek Electric Heater Guide & Review

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If you’re sick of cold rooms and want a good quality Wifi Electric Heater, that can be remotely controlled, then stick around. The Smart home gadget we’re doing a review of today is the Mylek Electric Heater.

Mylek actually have a few different heaters in their range, which are all quite similar. This review will look specifically as their 2kw panel heater. This one is an interesting product as it can be wall mounted or used as a floor standing heater, and has Wifi control at a budget price point.

A lot of you were asking for a decent cheap(ish) panel heater so let’s dive in.

Meet the Mylek Panel Heater

I’ve seen a good few of these panel heaters now and tried a number of them out. They’re pretty handy things to have, even if your home has central heating. You can use them for garages, spare rooms, holiday homes, caravans and pretty much anywhere that needs a bit of a warm boost when it gets chilly.

The Mylek heater has some modern features, like the ability to control it remotely, with your smart phone, using WiFi. I think this is an awesome feature as you can set it to warm things up before you even get there.

This review will cover all the main features. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from this panel radiator:

  • Aluminium element (fairly fast to heat up)
  • Timer
  • Visual LED type display
  • Control with any smart phone / tablet
  • Wall mount or floor standing
  • Set the heat with old style buttons on the front if you prefer
  • Cools down slowly
  • It’s a 2kw heater
  • Waterproof (technically splash proof) IP24
  • Can connect multiple heaters with the app
  • Works with Alexa

If you want to buy one of these panel heaters, feel free to use this link. I’ll get a small commission that helps me keep buying products to test and review! Thanks.

Best Price
£119.99 at Amazon
Price last checked: 25th Feb 2024 - 06:35

What I like about the Mylek smart heater

The Mylek pushes out plenty of heat

One of the best things about this heater is how fast it does actually heat up. It has an aluminum element and is great for if you need to heat a small – medium space up pretty quickly. This wifi heater also has the advantage that it’s reasonably silent.

One thing I found with my review was there’s no annoying whirling like you get from fan heaters, or the cracks you hear from cheaper heaters, although you do hear the thermostat pop every now and then.

Overall, the heat is fast and seems to fill the room well. No complaints.

The Mylek heater looks good on both wall and floor

This heater can be wall mounted, or stand on the floor

Probably less of a thing if you’re sticking it under a desk, or just getting one for your gym. But it has to be said as far as radiators go, this is a decent looking heater. While I’ve seen more modern looking ones, if you choose to wall-mount this heater especially, the Mylek definitely comes into it’s own.

It has an attractive modern look suited and looks pretty good on a bathroom or home gym wall.

Setting the with your smart phone is so useful

For anyone who has a room in their home that needs some extra heat, or a garage that takes your breath away in the winter months, the Mylek panel might make life a bit easier. It’s an absolute joy to fire up the app and tell the Mylek to heat the place up before you get there.

By the time you get there, it should be nice and snug! This is definitely a feature that’s worth getting in your next heater, whichever one you opt for. You can also connect multiple smart Mylek panels using the app, and set them all individually.

Setting up this panel heater is easy

The Mylek comes with feet which need to be attached if you’re going to be using this as as a floor heater. There’s nothing to set up as such. You’ll need to download the app and connect your smart phone in order to do remote control.

As for installing as a wall mounted heater somewhere in your house, that’s actually not as scary as it sounds. There’s a simple bracket to attach to the wall. I’d recommend care when handling the heater though. It looks really nice but it’s not as robust as it looks. You’ll also need to hide the power cable to make it look it’s best.

The Heater is easy to use

You’ve got a choice with the Mylek to either use the app (which I’d recommend!) or to use the more traditional (albeit it touch-operated) controls on the front of the panel. Either way there’s simple controls that are well laid out.

I’m also glad they included the old fashioned way of controlling the heat, as well as the smart phone variety. Sometimes you don’t have your phone, or just want to turn it on fast.

Things I don’t like about the Mylek panel heater

OK so that’s the good. What sucks with this flat panel heater? What could be better?

Unit could be more robust

While I’ve not broken one of these heaters yet, they do have a lightweight feel that wouldn’t take much to damage. Not a massive drawback but you’ll need to take care when fixing it to the wall, as mentioned previously.

Limited smart features

At the under £100 price tag I didn’t expect to find too much in the way of smart heating features but it’s worth mentioning that the Mylek has a limited amount of specs in this department. Don’t expect to find things like open window detectors or advanced temperature sensors.

The front controls could have been on the top or side

While the curvy edges of the Mylek heater are all smooth and lovely, I can’t help but feel like the digital display and front buttons are taking away from what would be a design feature. A lot of the panel heaters I’ve looked at opt for a clean, button-free front, which I think looks a lot cooler, especially on wall mounted installations.

Conclusion – should you buy the Mylek Panel Heater?

Bar a couple of minor short comings, I really like this panel heater. It’s well designed and offers good value for money, especially compared to other heaters in this space. The WiFi remote control is a super-handy handy feature and the heater works exceptionally well. You can easily heat up a medium room or garage quickly.

If you’ve been looking for a decent low profile WiFi heater, the Mylek is definitely worth a look.

Highly Recommended

Find out more at Amazon UK

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