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What is a WiFi Heater?

Wifi Heater
Above: electriQ 2000W WiFi Heater – Amazon UK

When the winter months creep around again, and the chill returns to the air, it’s nice to come home to a warm house. Panel heaters and portable radiators aren’t new. We’ve been using them for years to heat spaces which don’t have central heating, or to warm up those annoying cold spots that never seem to get any love from existing heating.

Wifi heaters are something new. And they’re brilliant!

There are a lot of smart heaters around at the moment, everything from simple radiators, to advanced flat panels that can save you money. The idea is that the heater can be connected to your WiFi system and then have additional control via a smart phone or tablet.

Why would I want to connect my heater to the Internet?

One of the best uses is to be able to heat a room without you being there. You could, for example, turn the heater on from the office, and then enjoy a nice warm reception when you arrive home. More expensive ones include smart features like open window detectors, which can save even more money.

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