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What is a Smart Sous Vide Cooker?

A quick & easy way to cook something spectacular

…or just cook something simple and make it tasty!

Sous vide cooking isn’t especially new. The idea combines a water ‘bath’ and cooking food in a tightly sealed bag. The water the cooks the food without losing any of it’s moisture. Even if you’re a top chef, if cook something on a grill, or in a pan and, you’re going to lose some of that ingredients flavor and moisture.

Sous Vide is French for ‘under vacuum’

When people think of sous vide, they automatically think meat! And it’s true: sous vide is fantastic for cooking meat. Everything from a simple chicken breast, up to a perfectly-cooked rare steak.

Sous vide is definitely the way to go for cooking meat.

But the method also doesn’t get enough credit for cooking vegetables, something it’s equally good at.

Sous Vide Cooking
Sous Vide is perfect for keeping meat moist

What do Sous Vide smart cookers do?

Smart sous vide cookers ARE something new. Like all smart tech, they take something complicated and make it easy and accessible, using new technology.

A smart sous vide cooker is generally a cylindrical device that might make you wonder, “how the heck does this cook anything?” To make anything with it, you’ll need a pot (any container will do) that you fill with water. You then insert the sous vide cooker into your pot and it will take care of the rest.

The food is placed inside a vacuum-sealed bag and then placed into the water bath. the sous vide device will control everything from keeping the water at the correct temperature, to the timing of the cooking, to letting you know when it’s all ready.

Why you might love sous vide smart cooking

There’s a number of sous vide smart cookers on the market you can buy to try this method of cooking. The great thing about using a Sous Vide cooker is that anyone can get pretty amazing results,  with a high degree of accuracy each time.

After downloading the product’s app, you simply pick what you want to cook on the app, and then follow instructions.

The sous vide cooker can cook food within a fraction of a degree of accuracy. The main benefit of all this is you’ll get predictable results that would be impossible to attain without some serious cookery training.

Why you’ll want a smart sous vide in your kitchen

  • Sous vide smart cooking is easy – there’s nothing to do except put the food in a bag and put everything together in the pot.
  • You can try something new – There’s a whole host of included recipes you can try out.
  • Sous vide is super-healthy. The dangers of frying food has been well documented and the health risk hasn’t changed. Sous vide doesn’t require and frying and retrains all that lovely flavor too.

Sous vide cooking is quick, easy and for everyone

While sous vide cooking might sound like an extremely fancy form of cooking something, the irony is it’s actually one of the more simple ways to cook things. The results, on the other hand, can be spectacular.

Whether you want to rustle up something impressive for a dinner party, or are just sick of old rubber-boot steaks, take a look into sous vide and smart cooking. You might find something you love to cook.

Check out our guide on Sous Vide and the other best smart cookers for more information. And read about other smart kitchen gadgets you can try here.

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