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Who Are iRobot?

Who are iRobot, and isn’t there a film called that?

iRobot is the company behind the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba range, and perhaps the best known brand in that sector. (It’s also a cool series of books, but that’s something different!)

Who are iRobot
No, not that iRobot

Although there are lots of other competing companies in the robotic vacuum market in 2024, iRobot were the first company to successfully create a mass-market consumer robot vacuum cleaner.

What kinds of products to iRobot make?

iRobot’s family of products has grown since it’s launch and now includes several different types of robots, and a number of versions of each.

Get Lazy: Get Your Robot to Do It!

iRobot have some awesome products on the market today. The four main bots they produce are:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaners (iRoomba range) *
  2. Floor cleaning robots (that mop as well as hoover)
  3. Smart lawn mowers
  4. Pool cleaning robots (Like the Mirra) range

* There are some fantastic Roomba alternatives for sale nowadays too.

Who are iRobot

iRobot make robots to do everything from hoovering to cleaning the pool. Pic: iRobotAlthough they all do different jobs, they have the same design idea behind them: that they operate automatically and give you the time back to do other things with your day. The Roomba, for example, has many complicated sensors in it designed to maneuver around the many obstacles in your home, while remembering which areas it has cleaned.

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