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Roborock Q7 Max Robot

Roborock Q7 Max Robot

Advanced Robotic Vacuum

Introducing the Roborock Q7 Max Robot, a pinnacle of cleaning technology designed to make your home immaculate with minimal effort on your part. This advanced robotic vacuum combines 4200Pa strong suction with Lidar Navigation and multi-level mapping capabilities, ensuring every corner of your home is spotlessly clean. Whether it’s pet hair on the carpet or fine dust on hard floors, the Roborock Q7 Max Robot is your ultimate cleaning companion.

The Roborock Q7 Max doesn’t just vacuum; it mops too, thanks to its integrated vacuum and mop function. With the ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously, it ensures a thorough clean, picking up fine dust particles that vacuuming alone might miss. Its electronic pump controls 30 water flow levels, allowing you to tailor the mopping for different floor types and preferences.

Forget about constantly emptying the dustbin or refilling the water tank; the Roborock Q7 Max has a combined dustbin and water tank, enhancing its efficiency and convenience. Its multi-directional floating all-rubber brush is designed to tackle long and pet hair, reducing tangles and ensuring a deeper clean. With up to 180 minutes of runtime, this robot vacuum can clean large areas without needing a recharge. Experience the future of cleaning with the Roborock Q7 Max Robot.

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Product Features

4200Pa Strong Suction – The Roborock Q7 Max Robot boasts an impressive suction power of 4200Pa, making it incredibly efficient at lifting debris and pet hair from all types of floors. Its ability to automatically increase suction on carpets ensures a deeper clean, capturing dirt and dust that would otherwise remain embedded in the fibres. Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously – Equipped with an electronic pump for precise water flow control, the Roborock Q7 Max can vacuum and mop in one go. This feature not only saves time but also ensures a comprehensive clean, tackling sticky messes and fine dust alike. PreciSense LiDAR Navigation – With advanced LiDAR navigation, the Roborock Q7 Max maps your home with astonishing accuracy. It plans efficient cleaning paths, avoids obstacles, and ensures no spot is missed. The ability to save multiple maps makes it perfect for multi-level homes.
Combined Dustbin & Water Tank – The innovative design integrates a 470ml dustbin with a 350ml water tank, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This feature allows for longer cleaning sessions, ensuring your home stays pristine with less effort. Multi-directional Floating All-Rubber Brush – This unique brush design stays close to the floor, adjusting to different surfaces for an effective clean. It’s especially adept at handling pet hair, minimising tangles and ensuring your floors are free from allergens. Long-Lasting Cleaning – With a battery life of up to 180 minutes, the Roborock Q7 Max can clean large areas on a single charge. Whether you have a spacious home or just prefer infrequent charging, this robot vacuum has you covered.


What makes the Roborock Q7 Max’s suction capability stand out from other robot vacuum cleaners?

The Roborock Q7 Max boasts an impressive suction power of up to 4200 Pa, which is significantly higher than many of its counterparts. This powerful suction capability ensures that the vacuum can easily lift debris, pet hair, and dirt from floors and carpets. Notably, when the device detects a carpet, it automatically increases its suction to the maximum level, providing a deeper and more thorough clean. This feature is particularly beneficial for homes with pets or high traffic, where dirt and hair accumulate quickly.

Can the Roborock Q7 Max vacuum and mop simultaneously?

Yes, the Roborock Q7 Max is equipped to vacuum and mop simultaneously. This dual function is facilitated by its innovative design, which includes a 470 ml dustbin and a 350 ml water tank. The device employs an electronic pump to control the water flow across 30 levels, allowing users to customise the mopping experience based on their floor types and cleaning preferences. This feature ensures that the vacuum not only picks up debris but also mops away fine dust that vacuuming alone might miss, leaving floors spotlessly clean.

How does the Roborock Q7 Max navigate and map my home?

The Roborock Q7 Max uses advanced PreciSense LiDAR Navigation to accurately map and navigate your home. This technology allows the vacuum to create precise maps of your living space, which can be viewed in 3D. These maps enable efficient route planning and cleaning, ensuring no spot is missed. Additionally, users can add virtual furnishings and specify floor materials in the app, enhancing the cleaning accuracy and customisation. This smart navigation system significantly reduces the chances of the vacuum getting stuck and ensures a comprehensive clean every time.

What is the combined dustbin and water tank feature?

The Roborock Q7 Max features a combined 470 ml dustbin and 350 ml water tank. This innovative design allows for more extended cleaning sessions without the need for frequent emptying or refilling. By integrating these two components, the Roborock Q7 Max ensures a seamless cleaning experience, allowing the device to tackle both dust and spills in one go. This feature is especially convenient for busy households looking for an efficient cleaning solution.

Does the Roborock Q7 Max work well with pet hair?

Yes, the Roborock Q7 Max is designed to handle pet hair efficiently. It features a multi-directional floating all-rubber brush, which is specifically engineered to resist hair tangles. This makes it an ideal choice for homes with pets, as it can easily pick up and remove pet hair from floors and carpets without the brush getting tangled. The strong suction power also plays a crucial role in ensuring that pet hair is thoroughly removed from all surfaces.

What is the battery life of the Roborock Q7 Max, and how does it impact cleaning?

The Roborock Q7 Max is powered by a specially designed battery that allows for up to 180 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge. This extended battery life means the vacuum can clean a maximum area of 3229 square feet in one go, making it suitable for large homes. The device automatically returns to its charging dock when the battery runs low and resumes cleaning once it’s sufficiently charged, ensuring a complete clean without manual intervention.

Can I control the Roborock Q7 Max with voice commands?

Yes, the Roborock Q7 Max is compatible with Alexa, allowing users to control the vacuum using voice commands. This feature provides added convenience, as you can start, stop, or pause cleaning sessions, and even set cleaning schedules through simple voice commands. This hands-free control makes it easier to integrate the vacuum into your smart home setup and manage your cleaning tasks more efficiently.

How does the Roborock Q7 Max handle different floor types?

The Roborock Q7 Max is equipped with intelligent sensors that detect the type of flooring and adjust its cleaning mode accordingly. For instance, when it encounters a carpet, it automatically increases suction power for a deeper clean. The adjustable water flow for the mopping function also ensures that different floor types, from hardwood to tile, are cleaned effectively without causing damage. Users can further customise cleaning settings for specific floor types through the app, ensuring optimal cleaning performance across all surfaces.

Specification Detail
Brand roborock
Model Name Q7Max White
Colour White
Product Dimensions 39L x 14W x 44H centimetres
Weight 6 Kilograms
Surface Recommendation Carpet
Controller Type App Control
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Suction Power 4200Pa
Navigation Lidar Navigation
Mapping Multi-Level Mapping
Zoning Features No-Go&No-Mop Zones
Runtime 180mins
Compatibility Works with Alexa
Dustbin Capacity 470 ml
Water Tank Capacity 350 ml
Brush Type Multi-directional Floating All-Rubber Brush
Special Features No-Go Zone
Customer Ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars
Max Vacuuming Area 3229 square sqft
Water Flow Levels 30
Compatible Models Amazon Echo
Item Weight 6 kg
Best Sellers Rank 63,386 in Home & Kitchen
First Available 6 May 2023
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