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Tapo Robot Vacuum

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The Tapo Robot Vacuum is a state-of-the-art home cleaning solution that combines powerful suction with intelligent navigation for an effortless cleaning experience. With its advanced LiDAR navigation system, it maps your home with precision, ensuring no spot is missed. The vacuum boasts a robust 4200Pa suction power, making it adept at removing dirt and debris from both hard floors and carpets. Its dual functionality allows it to vacuum and mop simultaneously, leaving your floors spotless. Designed for convenience, it supports app control and voice commands, integrating seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem.

What sets the Tapo Robot Vacuum apart is its Auto-Empty feature, capable of holding up to 70 days of dust, offering you a hands-free cleaning experience for extended periods. The customizable cleaning schedules and modes ensure that your cleaning needs are met with minimal effort on your part. Whether it’s tackling pet hair, navigating around obstacles, or transitioning between different floor types, the Tapo Robot Vacuum does it all with ease and efficiency.

Moreover, its long-lasting battery life ensures up to 5 hours of continuous cleaning, making it suitable for both small apartments and larger homes. Its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant means you can start, stop, or schedule cleaning sessions with just your voice. Embrace the future of home cleaning with the Tapo Robot Vacuum, and enjoy more free time in a cleaner, healthier living environment.

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Product Features

4200Pa Hyper Suction – The Tapo Robot Vacuum’s impressive suction power effortlessly removes dirt and debris, including those embedded in carpets. This feature ensures a thorough clean of your floors, making it ideal for homes with pets or high traffic areas. The strong suction also aids in better dust collection, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

LiDAR & Gyro Dual Navi System – This advanced navigation system maps your home with high precision, ensuring comprehensive coverage without missing spots. It’s capable of navigating around obstacles and under furniture, optimizing cleaning paths for efficiency. This technology also allows the vacuum to clean in the dark, ensuring your home is spotless at any time of day.

Auto-Empty with 4L Large Dust Bag – Say goodbye to the hassle of manually emptying the dustbin. The Tapo Robot Vacuum automatically empties its dustbin into a 4L dust bag, capable of holding up to 70 days’ worth of dust and debris. This feature not only saves time but also minimizes your exposure to allergens.

Vacuum and Mop Combo – The ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously elevates the cleaning efficiency, leaving your floors impeccably clean. The electronic mopping system adjusts water flow for different floor types, tackling sticky messes and kitchen grease with ease. This 2-in-1 functionality means you get a comprehensive clean with a single device.

Customizable Cleaning – Tailor your cleaning experience by setting schedules, merging, and separating areas, and customizing clean modes for each room. This level of customization ensures that your specific cleaning needs are met, whether it’s focusing on high-traffic areas or scheduling cleaning sessions when it’s most convenient for you.

Voice Control – Integration with Google Assistant and Alexa allows for hands-free control of your Tapo Robot Vacuum. Simply use voice commands to start, stop, or schedule cleaning sessions. This feature enhances the convenience and ease of use, making it a seamless addition to any smart home setup.


What makes the Tapo Robot Vacuum stand out from other robot vacuums?

The Tapo Robot Vacuum, specifically the Tapo RV30 Plus model, distinguishes itself with several advanced features. It boasts a 4200Pa Hyper Suction capability that ensures a deeper and more powerful clean, effectively removing debris and dust hidden in carpets and gaps. Additionally, its LiDAR & Gyro Dual Navi System accurately maps out your house in minutes, even in the dark, ensuring comprehensive coverage without omissions or repeated cleaning. The vacuum also features a vacuum and mop combo with 3-level electronic mopping, which tackles sticky messes and kitchen grease efficiently. Furthermore, the Tapo RV30 Plus offers up to 70 days of hands-free cleaning thanks to its auto-empty feature with a large 4L dust bag, alongside customizable cleaning options for a tailored cleaning experience.

How does the Tapo Robot Vacuum handle different floor types?

The Tapo Robot Vacuum is designed to seamlessly transition between various floor types. It features auto carpet boosting technology that automatically increases suction power when moving from hard floors to carpets, ensuring an effective clean on all surfaces. The 3-level electronic mopping system allows the vacuum to adjust water flow according to the floor type, providing a thorough clean for both hard floors and carpets without causing water damage.

Can the Tapo Robot Vacuum be controlled remotely or through voice commands?

Yes, the Tapo RV30 Plus offers versatile control options for convenience. It can be controlled via the Tapo app, allowing users to set cleaning schedules, customize cleaning modes, and monitor the vacuum’s status from anywhere. Additionally, it supports voice control through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling users to start, stop, or pause cleaning sessions with simple voice commands, facilitating a truly hands-free cleaning experience.

What is the battery life of the Tapo Robot Vacuum, and how does it manage recharging?

The Tapo RV30 Plus is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery, supporting up to 5 hours of continuous cleaning on a single charge, making it ideal for large homes. When the battery level is low, the vacuum automatically returns to its charging dock to recharge. After recharging, it resumes cleaning right where it left off, ensuring a complete cleaning cycle without manual intervention.

How does the Tapo Robot Vacuum ensure comprehensive cleaning coverage?

Thanks to its advanced LiDAR & Gyro Dual Navi System, the Tapo RV30 Plus accurately maps out your home to plan efficient cleaning paths. This system ensures that the vacuum covers every accessible area without unnecessary repetitions or omissions. Users can also set no-go zones and specify cleaning areas through the Tapo app, allowing for customized cleaning plans that meet their specific needs.

Is the Tapo Robot Vacuum suitable for homes with pets?

Absolutely. The Tapo RV30 Plus is designed with pet owners in mind. Its 4200Pa Hyper Suction efficiently picks up pet hair, dander, and other debris pets leave behind. The vacuum’s HEPA filter captures allergens and fine particles, improving air quality. Additionally, its auto-empty system and large 4L dust bag mean less frequent maintenance and minimal exposure to allergens, making it an excellent choice for homes with pets.

What maintenance does the Tapo Robot Vacuum require?

Maintenance for the Tapo RV30 Plus is straightforward and minimal. The vacuum’s auto-empty feature significantly reduces the need for frequent dustbin emptying. However, it’s recommended to regularly check and clean the brushes and filters to maintain optimal cleaning performance. Replacement kits, including main brushes, side brushes, and HEPA filters, are readily available for purchase. Additionally, the mop cloths should be washed regularly to ensure effective mopping.

How does the Tapo Robot Vacuum adapt to complex home layouts?

The Tapo RV30 Plus is adept at navigating complex home layouts thanks to its LiDAR & Gyro Dual Navi System. This system creates precise maps of your home, allowing the vacuum to navigate around furniture, thresholds, and other obstacles efficiently. The vacuum can store multiple maps, making it perfect for multi-level homes. Users can further customize cleaning by setting virtual boundaries or specifying particular rooms for cleaning, ensuring the vacuum adapts to the unique layout and cleaning needs of each home.

Tapo Robot Vacuum Specs

Specification Detail
Brand Tapo
Model Name Tapo RV30 Plus
Colour White
Product Dimensions 34.22L x 9.5W x 34.26H centimetres
Surface Recommendation Tile, Low-Pile and Medium-Pile Carpets
Controller Type Remote Control, App Control, Voice Control
Battery Cell Composition Lithium
Item Weight 6.9 Kilograms
Capacity 4000 Millilitres
Power / Wattage 150 watts
Compatible Models Amazon Echo
Special Features Up to 3-Hour Continuous Cleaning, LiDAR & Gyro Dual Navi System, Anti-Drop Protection, 4200Pa Hyper Suction, Auto-empty with 4L large dust bag
Suction Power 4200Pa
Dust Bag Capacity 4L
Continuous Cleaning Time Up to 3 Hours
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
Auto-Charging Yes
Carpet Auto-Boost Yes
Real-time Voice Reporting Yes
Vacuum and Mop Combo Yes
Customizable Cleaning Yes
Voice Control Compatibility Google and Alexa Assistant
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