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Venga Robot Vacuum

Efficient Cleaning Assistant

Introducing the Venga Robot Vacuum, a marvel of modern cleaning technology designed to make your life easier. Imagine coming home to perfectly clean floors every day without lifting a finger. This innovative robot vacuum combines sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping functionalities into one compact, easy-to-use device. With its advanced navigation system and multiple cleaning modes, it ensures thorough cleaning across all types of floors.

The Venga Robot Vacuum is equipped with a powerful 1600 Pa suction power, effortlessly picking up dust, debris, and pet hair. Its large 300 ml water tank allows for efficient mopping, leaving your floors spotless. Furthermore, the robot’s intelligent design includes anti-collision and cliff sensors, ensuring it navigates your home safely without damaging furniture or falling down stairs. With a robust 2600 mAh battery, it delivers up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning, automatically returning to its charging base when needed.

What sets the Venga Robot Vacuum apart is its ease of use. A single button press activates a complete cleaning cycle, adapting its cleaning strategy with six distinct modes to suit different areas and levels of dirt. Whether it’s carpet, stone, tiles, or parquet, this vacuum’s climbing capacity and adaptability make it suitable for all floor types. Embrace the future of cleaning with the Venga Robot Vacuum, your solution to a consistently clean and welcoming home.

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Product Features

3-in-1 Cleaning System – The Venga Robot Vacuum doesn’t just vacuum; it sweeps and mops too. This comprehensive approach ensures every inch of your floor is meticulously cleaned. The integration of two side brushes, a large central brush, and a vacuum with a suction power of up to 1600 Pa, paired with a mopping function, makes it a versatile cleaning tool. This feature is crucial for households looking for a multifunctional cleaning solution that can adapt to various floor types and levels of dirt.

Advanced Navigation and Sensors – Equipped with sophisticated anti-collision and cliff sensors, the Venga Robot Vacuum navigates your home with precision. It avoids obstacles and prevents falls, ensuring safe operation around furniture and near stairs. This intelligent navigation enhances the vacuum’s efficiency, covering more ground with less risk of getting stuck or damaged. The peace of mind knowing your robot vacuum can handle the complexities of home layouts is invaluable.

Extended Battery Life – With a powerful 2600 mAh battery, the Venga Robot Vacuum delivers up to 120 minutes of cleaning on a single charge. Even at maximum suction power, it can run for 60 minutes, making it ideal for larger homes. Its ability to automatically return to the charging base for recharging ensures it’s always ready for the next cleaning session. This feature benefits busy individuals who value continuous operation without constant supervision.

One-Touch Operation – Simplicity is at the heart of the Venga Robot Vacuum’s design. A single button press initiates a complete cleaning cycle, utilizing a pre-programmed number of modes until the job is done. This ease of use is especially appealing for those seeking a straightforward, hassle-free cleaning experience. The inclusion of a remote control for additional command options further enhances its user-friendliness.

6 Cleaning Modes – Catering to different cleaning needs, the Venga Robot Vacuum offers six modes: automatic, localized, edge, room, mop, and maximum suction. This versatility allows for targeted cleaning of particularly dirty areas or specific rooms, ensuring thorough cleaning regardless of the challenge. The ability to adjust the cleaning strategy on the fly makes this vacuum a smart choice for homes with diverse flooring and varying levels of foot traffic.

Suitable for All Floor Types – Whether your home features parquet, tiles, carpets, or stone, the Venga Robot Vacuum’s climbing capacity of up to 1.8 cm ensures seamless transition between surfaces. This adaptability, combined with its powerful suction and mopping function, guarantees a thorough clean across all floor types. The convenience of having one device that can tackle any cleaning scenario is a significant advantage for any household.


What makes the Venga! Robot Vacuum Cleaner VG RVC 3000 stand out from other robot vacuums?

The Venga! VG RVC 3000 distinguishes itself with its 3-in-1 functionality, combining sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping capabilities into a single, efficient unit. Its unique selling point is the inclusion of a large 300 ml water tank for mopping, along with a powerful suction of up to 1600 Pa, ensuring thorough cleaning across various surfaces. The device is designed for ease of use, with a “One Touch” operation mode and six versatile cleaning modes to cater to different cleaning needs. Moreover, its silent operation, coupled with a robust 2600 mAh battery providing up to 120 minutes of cleaning autonomy, makes it an attractive option for those seeking a comprehensive and hassle-free cleaning solution.

Can the Venga! VG RVC 3000 navigate and clean all types of floors?

Yes, the Venga! VG RVC 3000 is engineered to be versatile and efficient across a wide range of floor types. Whether you have parquet, tiles, carpets, or stone flooring, this robot vacuum cleaner can navigate and clean effectively. It boasts a climbing capacity of up to 1.8 cm, allowing it to transition between different floor types or overcome small obstacles, such as rugs or thresholds, with ease. This adaptability ensures that your home can be cleaned thoroughly with minimal intervention.

How does the Venga! VG RVC 3000 handle obstacles and stairs?

The Venga! VG RVC 3000 is equipped with advanced anti-collision and cliff sensors, which enable it to navigate your home safely and efficiently. These sensors help the robot vacuum detect and avoid obstacles, such as furniture and walls, reducing the risk of damage or getting stuck. Additionally, the cliff sensors prevent the vacuum from falling down stairs or ledges, ensuring its safety during autonomous operation. This intelligent navigation system allows the Venga! VG RVC 3000 to clean thoroughly while minimising the need for human intervention.

What are the six cleaning modes available on the Venga! VG RVC 3000, and how do they differ?

The Venga! VG RVC 3000 offers six cleaning modes designed to address various cleaning needs and preferences: Automatic, for general cleaning across the entire area; Localised Cleaning, focusing on particularly dirty spots; Edge Cleaning, which concentrates on cleaning along the walls; Room Cleaning, for dedicated cleaning in a specific room; Mop Cleaning Function, which activates the mopping feature for hard floors; and Maximum Suction, which doubles the suction power for more intensive cleaning. These modes provide the flexibility to customise the cleaning process according to the specific requirements of different areas within your home.

How does the “One Touch” operation mode work?

The “One Touch” operation mode simplifies the use of the Venga! VG RVC 3000, making it accessible to everyone. By simply pressing a button, the robot vacuum initiates a complete automatic cleaning cycle, navigating through a pre-programmed series of cleaning modes until the task is completed or the battery requires recharging. Upon finishing the cleaning cycle or when the battery is low, the robot automatically returns to its charging base to recharge and prepare for the next cleaning session. This feature ensures a hands-off cleaning experience, ideal for busy individuals or those who prefer a straightforward, user-friendly appliance.

Is the Venga! VG RVC 3000 suitable for homes with pets?

Absolutely, the Venga! VG RVC 3000 is an excellent choice for pet owners. Its powerful suction capability of 1600 Pa and the inclusion of a large dust bin of 600 ml make it adept at picking up pet hair, dander, and other debris pets leave behind. The vacuum’s design also includes a HEPA filter, which helps to trap fine particles and allergens, ensuring a cleaner and healthier home environment for both pets and their owners. Furthermore, its quiet operation means that cleaning can be done without causing undue stress or disturbance to sensitive pets.

How long does the battery last, and what is the charging time?

The Venga! VG RVC 3000 is powered by a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery, offering up to 120 minutes of cleaning autonomy on a single charge, or 60 minutes at maximum suction power. This substantial battery life allows for extensive cleaning sessions, suitable for most home sizes. When the battery runs low, the robot vacuum automatically returns to its charging base. The charging time to fully recharge the battery is approximately 4 to 5 hours, ensuring that your robot vacuum is ready for its next cleaning cycle in a reasonable timeframe.

Does the Venga! VG RVC 3000 come with a warranty?

Yes, the Venga! VG RVC 3000 comes with a warranty, providing customers with peace of mind regarding their purchase. For specific warranty details, including duration and coverage, it is recommended to check the product documentation or contact the manufacturer directly. This warranty ensures that customers can seek repair or replacement in the unlikely event of a defect or malfunction, subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Specification Detail
Brand Venga!
Model Number VG RVC 3000 BS
Colour White
Product Dimensions 12.99 x 12.99 x 2.99 cm
Item Weight 2.8 Kilograms
Capacity 600 Millilitres
Power / Wattage 28 watts
Voltage 120 Volts
Noise Level 59.2 dB
Runtime 2 hours
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Special Features Easy to use; One-touch control; Broom, vacuum cleaner and mop; 6 cleaning modes; Suction power of 1600 Pa; Dust bin of 600 ml; Silent
Surface Recommendation Carpet, Stone, Tiles, Parquet
Controller Type Remote Control
3-in-1 Functionality Sweep, Vacuum, Mop
Suction Power 1600 Pa
Water Tank Capacity 300 ml
Battery Capacity 2600 mAh
Max Runtime 120 min
Max Suction Power Runtime 60 min
Cleaning Modes 6 Modes
Climbing Capacity Up to 1.8 cm
Package Contents 1 Robot Vacuum, 1 Dust Collector with HEPA Filter, 1 Water Tank, 4 Side Brushes, 1 Central Brush, 2 Cleaning Cloths, 1 Cleaning Tool, 1 Remote Control (incl. batteries), 1 Charging Station with AC Adapter, 1 User Manual
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