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Roborock S7 Max Ultra

Roborock S7 Max Ultra

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Discover the pinnacle of home cleaning technology with the Roborock S7 Max Ultra. This isn’t just a vacuum; it’s a revolutionary approach to home maintenance, combining powerful suction with intelligent features for an unmatched cleaning experience. With the Roborock S7 Max Ultra, prepare to step into a world where clean floors are a constant, not a chore.

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra sets itself apart with its hands-free cleaning technology. Imagine not having to worry about vacuuming or mopping for weeks at a time. This device not only vacuums with 5500Pa of suction power but also mops with an ultrasonic system, ensuring your floors are not just clean, but deeply sanitized. Its Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance ensures it navigates around your home with precision, avoiding obstacles effortlessly.

But what truly makes the Roborock S7 Max Ultra stand out is its self-maintenance capabilities. From auto mop washing to warm air drying, and auto tank refilling, this robot vacuum does it all. It’s designed to offer a truly automated cleaning experience, freeing up your time for the more important things in life. Embrace the future of cleaning with the Roborock S7 Max Ultra.

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Product Features

Hands-Free Cleaning Technology – The Roborock S7 Max Ultra revolutionises cleaning with its complete automation. The base station handles mop washing, dust emptying, and even mop drying, ensuring the vacuum is always ready for its next cycle. This level of automation saves time and makes manual cleaning a thing of the past. Upgraded Cleaning Power – With 5500Pa suction and a sonic mopping system that vibrates 3000 times/min, the Roborock S7 Max Ultra tackles stubborn stains and dirt with ease. Its ability to lift the mop by 5mm prevents secondary pollution, ensuring a thorough clean every time. Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance – Equipped with advanced sensors, the Roborock S7 Max Ultra navigates around obstacles with precision. Its LDS navigation plans efficient routes, even in the dark, ensuring every corner of your home is cleaned without interruption.
Auto Emptying & Auto Refilling – The Roborock S7 Max Ultra’s self-sufficiency extends to its emptying and refilling capabilities. With a 2.5L dust bag and a 3L water tank, it can clean for weeks without needing your intervention, making it the ultimate set-and-forget cleaning solution. Smart App Integration – Control and customise your cleaning from anywhere with the Roborock app. Set no-go zones, schedule cleanings, and even view detailed maps of your home’s layout. The app’s 3D mapping technology ensures efficient and comprehensive cleaning coverage. Warm Air Drying – The base station’s warm air drying feature not only dries the mop after cleaning but also the sewage tank, preventing odour and bacteria growth. This ensures a hygienic cleaning cycle and prolongs the life of the device.


What makes the Roborock S7 Max Ultra stand out from other robot vacuum cleaners?

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra is a pinnacle of innovation, combining auto mop washing, auto dust emptying, warm air drying, and auto tank refilling into its dock self-cleaning system. Its hands-free technology ensures a fully automatic cleaning process, saving time and effort. Moreover, its upgraded cleaning power, featuring a 5500Pa suction and an ultrasonic mopping system with 3000 times/min sonic vibration, effectively disintegrates stubborn stains while preventing secondary pollution. The robot’s Reactive Tech for obstacle avoidance and precise LiDAR navigation further enhance its efficiency, making it a standout choice for thorough home cleaning.

How often does the dustbin need to be emptied?

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra’s auto-emptying station utilises a 2.5L dust bag, designed for convenience, requiring cleaning approximately every seven weeks. This feature significantly reduces the manual effort involved in maintaining a clean home environment, offering an almost hands-free experience.

Can the Roborock S7 Max Ultra navigate in the dark?

Yes, thanks to its advanced LiDAR navigation system, the Roborock S7 Max Ultra can plan efficient cleaning routes and traverse your home as accurately in the dark as it does in daylight. This ensures your floors are kept clean at any time of the day without needing additional lighting.

Is the Roborock S7 Max Ultra suitable for homes with pets?

Absolutely. The Roborock S7 Max Ultra is designed with pet owners in mind. Its powerful 5500Pa suction and sophisticated ultrasonic mopping system make it highly effective at picking up pet hair and cleaning up after pets, ensuring your home is always welcoming and hygienic.

How does the smart app enhance the cleaning experience?

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra’s smart app introduces a level of customisation and control that elevates the cleaning experience. It allows users to set no-go zones, draw invisible walls, and even use 3D mapping to create a detailed layout of their home for precise cleaning. Additionally, the app can detect potential stuck points, suggesting them as no-go areas, ensuring the robot navigates your home efficiently.

What is the capacity of the water tank, and how does auto refilling work?

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra features an independent 3L water tank and a 2.5L dirt tank. The robot automatically replenishes water to the water tank before cleaning, ensuring the mop is always moistened for optimal cleaning performance throughout the operation.

Can the mop function be used on all types of floors?

Yes, the Roborock S7 Max Ultra’s mop function is designed for versatility across various floor types. Its ultrasonic mopping system adjusts the pressure applied based on the floor type, and the mop is lifted by 5mm to prevent secondary pollution on carpets, making it suitable for both hard floors and carpeted areas.

What are the benefits of the warm air drying feature?

The warm air drying feature of the Roborock S7 Max Ultra’s dock not only dries the mop after cleaning but also dries the sewage tank. This innovative function prevents the growth of mould and reduces unpleasant odours, ensuring the system is ready for its next use without any additional maintenance.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra Specs

Specification Detail
Brand Roborock
Model Name S7 Max Ultra White
Special Feature Obstacle Avoidance
Colour White
Product Dimensions 51L x 52W x 44H centimetres
Controller Type Voice Control
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Item Weight 17 Kilograms
Are Batteries Included Yes
Suction Power 5500Pa
Water Tank Capacity 3L
Dirt Tank Capacity 2.5L
Dust Bag Capacity 2.5L
Mopping System Ultrasonic with 3000 times/min vibration
Mop Lifting 5mm
Navigation System LDS Precise Navigation
Obstacle Avoidance Technology Reactive Tech
Smart App Compatibility Yes
Mapping 3D Mapping
Auto Emptying Yes
Auto Refilling Yes
Warm Air Drying Yes
Auto Mop Washing Yes
Material Metal
Compatible Models Laptops
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