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Laresar Robot Vacuum

Laresar Robot Vacuum

Intelligent Cleaning Companion

The Laresar Robot Vacuum is not just a vacuum; it’s your smart, efficient, and powerful partner in maintaining a clean and welcoming home environment. With its 3500Pa ultra-strong suction power, this robotic vacuum effortlessly picks up dust, debris, and pet hair from various surfaces, ensuring your floors are spotless. The inclusion of a 3L self-emptying station means you can enjoy up to 60 days of hands-free cleaning, making your life easier and cleaner without the constant need for manual intervention.

Equipped with 360° precise Lidar navigation, the Laresar Robot Vacuum creates highly accurate maps of your living space, allowing for efficient and thorough cleaning by intelligently navigating around obstacles. Its versatility shines with the 3-in-1 vacuum, mop, and sweep functionality, adaptable to a variety of flooring types including wood, carpet, and tiles. The smart app control further enhances your cleaning experience by enabling customised cleaning schedules, virtual no-go zones, and real-time operation tracking.

What sets the Laresar Robot Vacuum apart is its commitment to user satisfaction, backed by a two-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Whether you’re looking to lighten your cleaning load, manage pet hair, or gift a practical solution to someone special, the Laresar Robot Vacuum is an excellent choice that combines convenience, power, and intelligence in home cleaning. Buy Now

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Product Features

3500Pa Ultra-Strong Suction Power – The Laresar Robot Vacuum boasts an impressive suction power of 3500Pa, making it incredibly effective at removing dust, dirt, and pet hair from all types of flooring. This high suction capability ensures that your home remains spotlessly clean with minimal effort on your part.

60 Days Hands-Free Cleaning – Featuring a 3L self-emptying station, this robot vacuum offers up to 60 days of autonomous cleaning. This means you can enjoy a clean home without the need to constantly empty the dustbin, providing a truly hands-free cleaning experience.

360° Precise Lidar Navigation – With advanced Lidar navigation technology, the Laresar Robot Vacuum scans and maps your home with incredible accuracy. This allows for efficient cleaning by intelligently navigating around obstacles and ensuring no spot is missed.

3-In-1 Vacuum, Mop, & Sweep – The Laresar Robot Vacuum doesn’t just vacuum; it also mops and sweeps. This 3-in-1 functionality, combined with adjustable suction and water levels, means it can tackle any cleaning task on a variety of surfaces, from hardwood floors to carpets.

Smart App Control – Control your Laresar Robot Vacuum with ease using the Laresmart app. Customize cleaning schedules, set no-go zones, and monitor cleaning progress in real-time from your smartphone, making it easy to manage your home cleaning even when you’re away.

Two-Year Warranty & Lifetime Technical Support – Laresar is committed to customer satisfaction, offering a two-year warranty and lifetime technical support for the Laresar Robot Vacuum. This commitment ensures peace of mind and a reliable cleaning assistant for years to come.


What sets the Laresar Robot Vacuum Cleaner apart from other models on the market?

The Laresar Robot Vacuum Cleaner, particularly the L6 Nex model, distinguishes itself through a combination of 3500Pa ultra-strong suction power, 3-in-1 vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping capabilities, and advanced lidar navigation. This model offers a comprehensive cleaning solution with its ability to effortlessly tackle various surfaces, from wood and tiles to marble and carpets. Furthermore, its 3L self-emptying station allows for up to 60 days of hands-free cleaning, making it a standout choice for those seeking convenience and efficiency in their cleaning routine.

How does the L6 Nex model manage to navigate and clean so effectively?

The L6 Nex employs 360° precise lidar navigation, which scans the environment to create accurate maps for efficient path planning. This technology enables the vacuum to identify obstacles and optimise its cleaning route, ensuring thorough coverage. Users can also set up no-go zones and virtual walls via the Laresmart app, directing the vacuum to avoid certain areas while focusing on others that require more attention.

Can I control the Laresar Robot Vacuum Cleaner with my smartphone?

Yes, the L6 Nex can be fully controlled through the Laresmart app. This app not only allows you to start, pause, or schedule cleaning sessions but also enables you to customise cleaning modes, adjust suction power, and set water flow levels for mopping. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to personalise your cleaning experience, ensuring that your home is cleaned just the way you like it.

Is the vacuum compatible with smart home systems like Alexa?

Absolutely. The L6 Nex integrates seamlessly with smart home systems, including Alexa and Google Assistant. This compatibility allows for voice-activated control, adding an extra layer of convenience. You can easily command your vacuum to start cleaning or return to its dock for charging with simple voice commands, making it an ideal addition to any smart home ecosystem.

How does the auto-emptying feature work, and how often will I need to change the bag?

The L6 Nex features a 3L large-capacity dust collection station that not only charges the vacuum but also automatically empties its dustbin after each cleaning session. One dust bag can hold up to 60 days’ worth of debris, significantly reducing the frequency of manual intervention. This feature is particularly beneficial for busy individuals or those who prefer a low-maintenance cleaning solution.

What floor types is the Laresar Robot Vacuum Cleaner suitable for?

The L6 Nex is versatile enough to handle a variety of floor types, including wood, tiles, marble, and carpets. Its adjustable suction power ensures that it can pick up dirt and debris from hard floors without scattering it, while the carpet mode increases suction power to remove dust and hair embedded in fibres. The vacuum’s mopping feature, with adjustable water flow, ensures hard floors are not only vacuumed but also left sparkling clean.

How does the warranty and technical support work for the L6 Nex?

Laresar offers a two-year warranty for the L6 Nex, providing buyers with peace of mind regarding their purchase. Additionally, Laresar promises lifetime technical support, ensuring that any issues you may encounter over the vacuum’s lifespan can be resolved promptly. Laresar’s dedicated customer service is committed to ensuring user satisfaction and is readily available to assist with any queries or concerns.

Can I set different cleaning preferences for various rooms in my home?

Yes, the L6 Nex supports deep customization through the Laresmart app, allowing users to set different suction and water levels for different rooms. Whether it’s increasing suction power for high-traffic areas or adjusting the water flow for specific flooring types, this level of customization ensures that each room is cleaned according to its specific needs. Additionally, you can save up to five maps, making the L6 Nex ideal for multi-floor homes.

Laresar Robot Vacuum Specs

Specification Detail
Brand Laresar
Model Name L6 Nex
Colour Black
Product Dimensions 32L x 32W x 32H centimetres
Surface Recommendation Wood, Carpet
Controller Type App Control, Button Control, Voice Control
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Item Weight 8.8 Kilograms
Suction Power 3500Pa
Dust Collection Capacity 3L
Special Features Precise Lidar Navigation, Editable Map & Customized Function, App/ Voice/ Button Control, Auto Dirt Disposal & Auto Charging, 3-in-1 Vacuum/ Mop/ Sweep
Voltage 240 Volts
Carpet Cleaning Performance Class A
Hard Floor Cleaning Performance Class A
Dust Re-emission Class A
Runtime 3 hours and 20 minutes
Compatible Models Smartphones, Amazon Echo, Tablets, Google Home
Warranty 2-Year Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support
Auto Shutoff No
Customer Ratings by Feature Suction power 4.7, Easy to use 4.6, Value for money 4.6, Battery life 4.6
Price £399.99
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