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Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum

Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum

Efficient Robotic Cleaner

The Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum stands out in the crowded market of home cleaning appliances with its 5000Pa strong suction, ultra-thin design, and smart home compatibility. This robotic vacuum cleaner is designed to make your life easier, offering a hassle-free cleaning experience that integrates seamlessly into your daily routine.

With a height of just 6.9cm, the Lefant F1 effortlessly glides under furniture, ensuring no spot is left untouched. Its 600ml visual dust box is a game-changer, providing ample space for debris and allowing for easy monitoring of the fill level. Whether you’re dealing with pet hair, dust, or crumbs, the Lefant F1 has you covered.

Moreover, the inclusion of upgraded anti-collision infrared sensors and four cleaning modes ensures a thorough clean every time, adapting to your home’s layout and specific cleaning needs. The Lefant F1 is not just a vacuum; it’s a smart cleaning solution that fits perfectly into a modern, busy lifestyle.

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Product Features

5000Pa Strong Suction – The Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t compromise on power for its size. With a suction force of 5000Pa, it can easily pick up fine dust, pet hair, and even steel balls. This ensures a deeper clean, especially on carpets and rugs, where dirt tends to hide. Ultra-Thin Design – At just 6.9cm tall, this vacuum can clean under most furniture and tight spaces where traditional vacuums cannot reach. This feature is crucial for maintaining a dust-free environment, ensuring that every corner of your home is impeccably clean. Smart App & Voice Controls – Convenience is at your fingertips with the Lefant Life App and compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. Schedule cleanings, adjust settings, and monitor the vacuum’s path all from your smartphone. Voice control further enhances the user experience, making the Lefant F1 a truly integrated part of your smart home ecosystem.
Four Cleaning Modes – Cater to different cleaning needs with automatic, planning, fixed point, and edge cleaning modes. This adaptability allows the Lefant F1 to tackle any cleaning task, from routine maintenance to targeted spot cleaning, ensuring a comprehensive clean every time. Large Capacity Visual Dust Box – The 600ml dust box reduces the frequency of emptying, making cleaning sessions more efficient. Its transparent design lets you easily see when it’s time to empty it out, simplifying maintenance and ensuring optimal performance. Upgraded Anti-Collision Infrared Sensor – Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, the Lefant F1 can navigate around obstacles with precision, protecting your furniture and the vacuum itself from damage. This technology ensures a smooth cleaning process, even in complex environments.


What makes the Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner stand out in terms of suction power?

The Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner boasts an impressive 5000Pa strong suction power, setting it apart from many competitors. This level of suction ensures that it can pick up a wide range of debris, from fine dust particles to larger crumbs and pet hair, with ease. Its unique suction mouth design prevents clogging, especially from pet hair, making it an ideal choice for pet owners. The powerful suction combined with its efficient cleaning modes ensures a thorough clean every time.

How does the ultra-thin design of the Lefant F1 benefit its cleaning capabilities?

With a height of just 6.9cm, the Lefant F1’s ultra-thin design allows it to easily glide under most furniture and tight spaces, areas that are often missed by bulkier models. This design ensures no spot is left uncleaned, making it highly effective at maintaining cleanliness throughout your home. Its compact dimensions do not compromise its power, ensuring a comprehensive clean that includes hard-to-reach areas.

Can the Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner be controlled remotely?

Yes, the Lefant F1 can be controlled and monitored remotely via the Lefant Life App, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, it supports voice commands through Alexa or Google Home, providing convenience and flexibility in how you manage your vacuum cleaning tasks. Through the app, users can start or schedule cleanings, select cleaning modes, and monitor the cleaning path, making it easy to maintain a clean home even when you’re away.

What are the cleaning modes available on the Lefant F1, and how do they differ?

The Lefant F1 offers four cleaning modes: automatic, planning, fixed point, and edge cleaning. Automatic mode allows the vacuum to clean freely throughout your home. Planning mode is more systematic, ensuring every corner is covered. Fixed point mode focuses on a specific area that requires intensive cleaning. Lastly, edge cleaning mode is designed to clean along walls and corners. These modes provide the flexibility to tackle various cleaning needs effectively.

Is the Lefant F1 suitable for homes with pets?

Absolutely. The Lefant F1 is designed with pet owners in mind, featuring a unique suction mouth that effectively picks up pet hair without the worry of clogging, a common issue in vacuums with rotating brushes. This makes it an excellent choice for households with pets, ensuring your home remains free of pet hair and dander.

How does the Lefant F1 navigate and avoid obstacles?

The Lefant F1 is equipped with upgraded anti-collision infrared sensors and FreeMove 3.0 technology, allowing it to sense and navigate around obstacles with precision. This technology prevents the vacuum from getting stuck and ensures it can clean around furniture, thresholds, and other common barriers without human intervention, making cleaning more efficient and hassle-free.

What is the capacity of the dust box, and how is it maintained?

The vacuum features a 600ml visual dust box, which is larger than many models on the market, reducing the frequency of emptying. The transparent design allows you to easily see when the dust box needs to be emptied. Maintenance is straightforward, as the dust box can be quickly removed, emptied, and reattached, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency in your cleaning routine.

How long can the Lefant F1 clean on a single charge, and what happens when the battery is low?

The Lefant F1 boasts a long battery life, capable of cleaning for up to 250 minutes on a single charge, depending on the cleaning mode used. This allows it to clean large areas efficiently. When the battery is low, the vacuum automatically returns to its charging dock to recharge and can resume cleaning once it has enough power, ensuring your cleaning tasks are completed without manual intervention.

Specification Detail
Brand Lefant
Model Name F1
Special Feature Anti Collision
Colour Grey
Product Dimensions 28L x 28W x 6.9H centimetres
Surface Recommendation Carpet
Controller Type Amazon Alexa
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Are Batteries Included Yes
Suction Power 5000Pa
Product Height 6.9cm
Dust Box Capacity 600ml
Virtual Magnetic Stripe Supported
Anti-Collision Infrared Sensor Upgraded FreeMove 3.0
Suction Mouth Unique Design
Smart App & Voice Controls Supported
Wi-Fi Compatibility 2.4GHz
Cleaning Modes Automatic, Planning, Fixed Point, Edge Cleaning
Item Model Number F1
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Date First Available 14 Dec. 2022
Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars, 592 ratings
Best Sellers Rank 125,911 in Home & Kitchen (74 in Robotic Vacuums)
Verified by Transparency Supported
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