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Airrobo T10+ Robot Vacuum

Airrobo T10+ Robot Vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaner

Introducing the Airrobo T10+ Robot Vacuum: a cutting-edge solution designed to make your home cleaning effortless and more efficient. With its advanced features, this robot vacuum stands out as a must-have for those seeking a pristine living environment without the hassle of manual cleaning.

The Airrobo T10+ is equipped with a self-emptying feature, meaning it can autonomously dispose of the dirt it collects, allowing you up to 45 days of worry-free cleaning. Its 5200mAh battery ensures extended cleaning sessions, covering more ground with less frequent charges. The integration of Lidar navigation and smart mapping technology enables the T10+ to navigate your home with precision, avoiding obstacles and ensuring every corner is reached.

Moreover, the Airrobo T10+ is not just a vacuum; it’s a robot vacuum and mop combo. With its 2-in-1 functionality, it can vacuum and mop your floors simultaneously, leaving them spotlessly clean. Its compatibility with Alexa & Google Assistant allows for easy voice control, making it a seamless addition to your smart home ecosystem. Experience the future of home cleaning with the Airrobo T10+ Robot Vacuum.

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Product Features

Self-Emptying & Auto Recharge – The Airrobo T10+ revolutionises cleaning with its self-emptying docking station, capable of holding up to 45 days of dirt and debris. When its battery runs low, the vacuum automatically returns to its dock to recharge and then resumes cleaning, ensuring a continuous, efficient cleaning process. This feature minimises manual intervention and makes maintaining a clean home more effortless than ever. Precise Lidar Navigation & SLAM Algorithm – Equipped with advanced Lidar navigation, the Airrobo T10+ scans and maps your home with incredible precision, creating an efficient cleaning path that avoids obstacles and ensures comprehensive coverage. This technology ensures that every inch of your floor is cleaned efficiently, without missing spots or repeating areas unnecessarily. Smart Home Integration – The T10+ seamlessly integrates into your smart home setup, compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Schedule cleanings, set no-go zones, and monitor your vacuum’s progress with the intuitive app. This connectivity enhances the user experience, offering convenience and control over your home cleaning routines.
Powerful Suction & Mopping Function – With a suction power of up to 2700Pa, the Airrobo T10+ can tackle large debris, fine dust, and pet hair on both carpets and hard floors. Its mopping function, equipped with an electronic water tank, offers adjustable water flow for a thorough, streak-free clean, making it ideal for a variety of floor types. Long-Lasting Battery Life – The 5200mAh high-capacity battery provides up to 250 minutes of runtime on a single charge, making the T10+ perfect for large homes. Its ability to recharge and resume cleaning ensures that even the largest spaces are cleaned efficiently, without the need for frequent recharging breaks. Advanced Customisation & Control – Through the app, users can customise cleaning schedules, select specific rooms for cleaning, and set no-go zones to prevent the vacuum from entering certain areas. This level of customisation ensures that the T10+ works exactly how you need it to, providing a tailored cleaning experience for every home.


What makes the AIRROBO T10+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner stand out from other robot vacuums?

The AIRROBO T10+ is not just a vacuum but a comprehensive cleaning solution. It boasts a unique combination of features such as 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping capabilities, self-emptying functionality, and advanced Lidar navigation with a SLAM algorithm for precise mapping and efficient cleaning paths. Its compatibility with Alexa & Google Assistant for voice control, along with a robust 5200mAh battery offering up to 250 minutes of cleaning, sets it apart in the market.

Can the AIRROBO T10+ effectively clean carpets and hard floors?

Yes, the AIRROBO T10+ is designed to handle both carpets and hard floors efficiently. It features a 2700Pa powerful suction that can tackle large debris, small particles, and pet hair. For carpets, it automatically increases suction power for a deeper clean. Its mopping function, with three adjustable water levels, ensures hard floors are not only vacuumed but also mopped to perfection.

How does the self-emptying feature work, and how often will I need to intervene?

The AIRROBO T10+ robot vacuum docks at its self-emptying station to dispose of collected debris into a large dust bag capable of holding up to 45 days’ worth of dirt and dust. This means, for most users, intervention is only required approximately once a month and a half, significantly reducing the hassle of regular dustbin emptying.

Is the AIRROBO T10+ compatible with smart home systems?

Yes, it is. The AIRROBO T10+ can be seamlessly integrated into smart home ecosystems, being fully compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows for easy voice commands to start, stop, or schedule cleaning sessions, making it a convenient addition to any smart home setup.

What kind of navigation technology does the AIRROBO T10+ use, and how does it benefit cleaning?

The AIRROBO T10+ employs advanced Lidar navigation combined with a SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm. This technology enables the vacuum to accurately map out your home and plan the most efficient cleaning paths, avoiding obstacles and ensuring comprehensive coverage of all accessible areas. It significantly enhances cleaning efficiency and thoroughness.

How does the AIRROBO T10+ handle different levels of dirt or different types of floors?

Through the accompanying app, users can customize cleaning by setting different suction levels and water flow rates, making the AIRROBO T10+ adaptable to various floor types and levels of dirt. Whether it’s a light dusting or a deep clean, the vacuum can be adjusted to meet specific cleaning needs.

What is included in the box with the AIRROBO T10+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

The package includes the AIRROBO T10+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a self-emptying docking station, a main brush, a side brush, a HEPA filter, a water tank, and a dustbin. This comprehensive set ensures that you have everything needed to start using the vacuum right out of the box.

How does the AIRROBO T10+ ensure it does not damage furniture or fall down stairs?

Equipped with 23 sets of sensors, the AIRROBO T10+ is adept at navigating around your home. These sensors help it to avoid obstacles, prevent collisions with furniture, and stop it from falling down stairs. This array of sensors ensures that the vacuum can clean effectively while minimizing the risk of damage to itself or your home furnishings.

Airrobo T10+ Robot Vacuum Specs

Specification Detail
Model Name T10+
Colour Black
Product Dimensions 30L x 30W x 30H centimetres
Surface Recommendation Tile, Carpet
Controller Type Remote Control, App Control, Button Control, Voice Control
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Are Batteries Included Yes
Special Feature Smart Mapping, LiDAR Navigation, No-Go Zone, Self-Emptying
Runtime 4 hours
Compatible Models Google Home
Suction Power 2700Pa
Battery Capacity 5200mAh
Wi-Fi Connected Yes
Smart Mapping Yes
No-Go Zone Compatible Yes
Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant Yes
Self Emptying Yes
Auto Recharge Yes
Item Weight 10 kg
Water Tank Capability 2-in-1 electric control
Water Control Levels 3 levels
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