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The Number of UK Smart Homes Might Surprise You

If you thought smart homes were the realms of nerds only, you might be surprised by some recent surveys of smart technology use in homes. The survey, carried out in earlier this year revealed that smart technology is having a much higher uptake than previously thought.

The research comes from Smart Home week. It shows that as many as 57% of homes have some kind of technology to control lighting, play music or take care of tasks like doing the house work, with the products such as the much-loved robot vacuums. As well as provide extra security with things like smart video doorbells.

Using technology remotely

One of the best things smart technology lets you do is to control and access important deices in your home, even if you’re at work, the gym or even on holiday. The survey shows that while most people do use their smart gadgets while they’re actually at home, 1 in 6 of us are using them remotely.

A huge number plan to update their homes with smart technology

Another interesting stat was that nearly half of the people asked said they were planning to update their home with the latest technology in the near future. The main reason was they believed it would save them time and money in the long run.

Some surprising stuff people wanted for their smart homes

There was also some ahem interesting suggestions from the survey participants when it comes to future projects they would like to see being developed for smart home usage. Some highlights include:

  • Self-cleaning toilets
  • Carpets that clean themselves without robotic help
  • Ovens that can cook different food at the same time, using varying temperatures.

What smart gadgets would we like to see?

There’s lots of things I’d like to see in my smart home. How about a router that fixes itself when the dreaded ‘Internet goes down’ and no-one can live without the connection of course.

Or what about a robot that not only hoovers up, but also knows how to tidy up too? Does anyone’s home actually look like those lovely minimalist rooms in the Roomba vacuum photos? Mine don’t!

Reducing money with smart devices was a huge selling point

You don’t have to be into the latest tech news websites to know that things like smart thermostats can save you a lot of money from your energy bill. (Check out our little guide on some of the better thermostats out there for more info).

Media Tech writer Jason Bradbury, who is fronting the campaign for smarter homes said “Smart tech is no longer just for gadget lovers; homeowners are starting to realize that technical updates are making homes cheaper and more efficient to run than ever before.”

What smart tech do you have in your home?

And what home gadgets would you like to see come out, that would save you time, or make your life easier? Get crazy and let us know in the comments!


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