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Krups Ea895n40

Krups Ea895n40

Automatic Coffee Machine

The Krups Ea895n40, a marvel of modern coffee technology, stands as a testament to the art of great coffee making. This Evidence One Automatic Coffee Machine is your gateway to a world where flavour, convenience, and versatility meet to create the perfect cup every time. With a robust design in meteor grey, it’s not just a coffee machine but a statement piece for your kitchen.

Imagine having the ability to customize your coffee to the minutest detail. The Krups Ea895n40 makes this possible with its customisable grind and strength settings, ensuring that each cup is tailored to your exact preference. With a generous 2.3-liter capacity, it caters to all your coffee needs, whether it’s a quiet cup in the morning or serving guests at a dinner party. But that’s not all. This machine boasts an impressive 17 drink options, allowing you to explore a variety of flavours and styles. From rich espressos to creamy cappuccinos, your coffee repertoire is about to expand.

What sets the Krups Ea895n40 apart is its user-friendly design. Want to serve two drinks simultaneously? Its dual cup function has got you covered, making it perfect for couples or entertaining guests. And when it comes to maintenance, the automatic cleaning function ensures your machine remains in top condition with minimal effort on your part.

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Product Features

Customisable Grind and Strength – Tailor your coffee to your exact preferences. Adjust the grind size and strength for a personalized, flavourful cup every time. Perfect for those who know exactly how they like their coffee. 17 Drink Options – Explore and savour a wide range of coffee flavours and brewing styles. From espressos to cappuccinos, indulge in the variety that satisfies even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. Dual Cup Function – Prepare two drinks simultaneously with ease. This feature is ideal for couples or when entertaining guests, ensuring everyone gets their coffee fix without the wait.
Automatic Maintenance and Cleaning – Enjoy the convenience of automatic cleaning functions. This feature ensures optimal performance and prolongs the lifespan of your machine, all while saving you time and effort. Large Capacity – With its 2.3-liter capacity, this machine is a perfect fit for coffee enthusiasts and busy households alike. Serve multiple drinks without the need for constant refills. User-Friendly Interface – Navigate through the options with ease thanks to the intuitive controls and user-friendly interface. Brewing your favourite beverages has never been simpler or more enjoyable.

Krups Ea895n40 Features

Customisable Grind and Strength

With the KRUPS EA895N40, every coffee lover is in for a treat. The machine offers customisable grind size and strength settings, allowing you to tailor your coffee to your exact liking. Whether you prefer a robust espresso or a milder cappuccino, the choice is yours. This feature ensures that every cup is brewed to perfection, meeting the highest standards of flavour and aroma.

17 Coffee Options

Are you someone who loves variety in your coffee routine? The KRUPS EA895N40 has got you covered with an impressive selection of 17 drink options. From classic espressos and cappuccinos to more adventurous brews, there’s something for every mood and occasion. This wide range of options means you can explore different coffee styles and find your favourites, all from the comfort of your home.

Easy to Use and Serves 2 Drinks

The convenience of the dual cup function is a game-changer. The KRUPS EA895N40 allows you to prepare two drinks simultaneously, making it perfect for couples or when you’re entertaining guests. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls ensure that brewing your favourite beverages is a hassle-free and enjoyable experience every time.

Automatic Maintenance and Cleaning

One of the standout features of the KRUPS EA895N40 is its automatic maintenance and cleaning functions. This means you can say goodbye to the tedious task of manual cleaning, as the machine takes care of it for you. Enjoy the convenience of effortless cleaning and maintenance, allowing you more time to savour your delicious coffee creations.

Large Capacity for Coffee Enthusiasts

For those who can’t get enough of their coffee, the KRUPS EA895N40’s generous 2.3-liter capacity is a dream come true. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply indulging in your coffee passion, this machine ensures you can serve multiple drinks without the need for constant refills. It’s the ideal choice for busy households and avid coffee lovers alike.

Programmable Settings

Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee every morning. With the KRUPS EA895N40, this dream becomes a reality thanks to its programmable settings. You can easily set your machine to prepare your favourite coffee at a specific time, ensuring a perfect start to your day, every day.

Intuitive Controls

Navigating through the various options and settings of the KRUPS EA895N40 is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive controls. The user-friendly interface ensures that selecting your desired coffee option is straightforward, making the process of brewing your favourite beverages simple and enjoyable.

High-Quality Material

Constructed with high-quality plastic, the KRUPS EA895N40 is designed to withstand the test of time. Its durable material ensures that your coffee machine remains in top condition, delivering exceptional performance and delicious coffee for years to come.

Powerful Wattage

With a 1450 watts power rating, the KRUPS EA895N40 is equipped to deliver barista-quality coffee at the touch of a button. This powerful wattage ensures that each cup is brewed to perfection, with optimal flavour extraction and the perfect temperature every time.

Customer Ratings by Feature

The KRUPS EA895N40 has received high customer ratings for its blending power, flavour, ease of cleaning, and ease of use. These ratings reflect the machine’s superior performance and the satisfaction it brings to coffee lovers, making it a highly recommended choice for anyone looking to elevate their coffee experience.


Can the KRUPS EA895N40 prepare milk-based drinks as well as espresso?

Yes, the KRUPS EA895N40 is versatile enough to prepare both espresso and milk-based drinks. With its 17 drink options, you can enjoy a wide variety of coffee styles, including lattes and cappuccinos, all with the convenience of one machine.

Is it possible to save my favourite coffee settings on the KRUPS EA895N40?

Absolutely! The KRUPS EA895N40 allows you to save up to 12 of your favourite coffee settings. This means you can easily access and brew your preferred drinks with the touch of a button, ensuring a personalised coffee experience every time.

How easy is it to clean the KRUPS EA895N40?

The KRUPS EA895N40 features automatic cleaning and maintenance functions, making it exceptionally easy to clean. The machine takes care of most of the cleaning process for you, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of your coffee machine.

Can I adjust the coffee strength and grind size on the KRUPS EA895N40?

Yes, the KRUPS EA895N40 offers customisable grind size and coffee strength settings. This allows you to tailor your coffee to your exact preferences, ensuring a perfect cup every time.

Is the KRUPS EA895N40 suitable for large households or entertaining guests?

With its generous 2.3-liter capacity and the ability to prepare two drinks simultaneously, the KRUPS EA895N40 is an excellent choice for large households or when entertaining guests. It ensures you can serve multiple delicious coffee drinks without the need for constant refills.

Does the KRUPS EA895N40 come with a warranty?

Yes, the KRUPS EA895N40 comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of the machine’s quality and durability.

Can I use any type of coffee beans with the KRUPS EA895N40?

The KRUPS EA895N40 is compatible with a wide range of coffee beans, allowing you to explore different flavours and roasts. However, it’s recommended to use light to medium roasts for optimal flavour and to avoid extra dark roasts, which can be oily and cause blockages.

How does the KRUPS EA895N40 compare to other coffee machines in terms of flavour?

Thanks to its customisable settings and powerful blending capabilities, the KRUPS EA895N40 is highly rated for its exceptional flavour. It allows you to extract the maximum aroma and taste from your coffee beans, delivering a superior coffee experience that rivals even the best coffee shops.

Krups Ea895n40 Specs

Specification Detail
Brand Krups
Colour Meteor Grey
Product Dimensions 14.3D x 14.6W x 9.4H centimetres
Special Feature Programmable
Coffee Maker Type Espresso Machine
Capacity 2.3 litres
Material Plastic
Item Weight 10.19 Kilograms
Wattage 1450 watts
Number of Coffee Options 17 Drink Options
User Interface Intuitive controls
Maintenance Automatic cleaning and maintenance
Drink Preparation Serves 2 drinks simultaneously
Customisable Settings Grind size and strength
Customer Ratings by Feature Blending power: 4.6, Flavour: 4.6, Easy to clean: 4.4, Easy to use: 4.0
Warranty Description 2 year manufacturer
Item Model Number EA895N40
Date First Available 21 Jan. 2021
Best Sellers Rank 86,600 in Home & Kitchen (Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines)
Specific Uses Coffee maker
Care Instructions Automatic rinsing and cleaning programs
Assembly Required No
Batteries Required No
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