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Tecknet Self Powered Doorbell

Tecknet Self Powered Doorbell

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Introducing the revolutionary Tecknet Self Powered Doorbell, a cutting-edge solution to your home’s entry alert needs. This wireless doorbell stands out with its self-powering feature, eliminating the hassle of battery replacements. Its waterproof design and impressive 1300ft range ensure reliability and convenience, making it a must-have for any home. With 60 chimes to choose from and a plug-through design that doesn’t monopolise your sockets, this doorbell kit is both practical and versatile.

The Tecknet Self Powered Doorbell is not just about functionality; it’s also about making your life easier. Installation is a breeze, requiring no technical skills, and its memory function retains your settings even after a power outage. Whether you’re in a bustling household or need a reliable alert system for quieter environments, the adjustable volume levels and visual alerts cater to every need.

With its sleek white design, the Tecknet doorbell blends seamlessly into any home decor. Its strong signal penetration ensures that you never miss a visitor, whether you’re in the attic or the garden. Embrace the convenience of a modern doorbell system that’s self-sufficient, durable, and user-friendly. Say goodbye to battery worries and hello to peace of mind with the Tecknet Self Powered Doorbell.

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Product Features

Self-Powering Technology – The Tecknet Self Powered Doorbell harnesses kinetic energy from pressing the button, generating its own power. This innovative feature means you’ll never have to worry about battery replacements again, offering both convenience and environmental benefits. A perfect choice for the eco-conscious homeowner. Plug-Through Receiver Design – Unlike traditional wireless doorbells that take up your valuable socket space, this model features a unique plug-through receiver. This means you can plug in another appliance into the doorbell receiver, maximising space and convenience in your home. It’s an ingenious solution for keeping your sockets free for other uses. Extended Wireless Range – Covering an impressive 1300ft (400m), the Tecknet doorbell ensures that you can hear the bell no matter where you are in your home or garden. This extended range is especially beneficial for larger homes or those with thick walls, ensuring no visitor goes unnoticed.
60 Melodic Chimes – With 60 CD-quality ringtones to choose from, you can personalise your doorbell to suit your mood or season. From the classic “ding-dong” to more melodic tunes, there’s a chime for everyone. This variety also allows for a fresh experience, keeping your doorbell sound unique. Weatherproof & Durable – Designed to withstand the British weather, the Tecknet Self Powered Doorbell boasts an IP65 waterproof rating. It’s built to endure rain, snow, or sun, ensuring reliable performance year-round. This durability makes it an ideal choice for any external door, from the front to the back of your house. Easy Installation & Memory Function – Installation is straightforward, with no wiring required. Simply plug the receiver into a socket and attach the button to your door frame with the provided adhesive tape or screws. The memory function retains your chosen chime and volume level even after a power cut, providing added convenience and ensuring your settings are always as you left them.


What makes the TECKNET Self-Powered Doorbell stand out from traditional doorbells?

The TECKNET Self-Powered Doorbell is a revolutionary product that eliminates the need for batteries. This is achieved through a self-generating power system activated by pressing the doorbell button. This innovative feature ensures that you’re not inconvenienced by the constant need to replace batteries, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your home or office.

Is the TECKNET Self-Powered Doorbell easy to install?

Yes, the installation process is straightforward and does not require professional help. The package includes all necessary accessories for mounting the doorbell button on the wall. Simply plug the receiver into a standard wall socket, and it’s ready to use. This plug-and-play approach, combined with a wireless design, makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-set-up doorbell system.

Can the TECKNET doorbell be used outdoors? Is it weatherproof?

Absolutely. The TECKNET Self-Powered Doorbell is designed with durability in mind. It boasts an IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating, allowing it to withstand various harsh weather conditions, from heavy rain to extreme temperatures ranging between -20°C and 50°C. This robust construction ensures that the doorbell continues to function optimally, whether installed indoors or outdoors.

How far can the wireless signal reach?

The TECKNET Self-Powered Doorbell offers an ultra-long wireless range of up to 400 meters (approximately 1300 feet) in open space. This extensive range ensures reliable performance across larger homes, offices, or commercial spaces, guaranteeing that you never miss a visitor, no matter where you are in the building.

Does the doorbell come with different ringtone options?

Yes, the TECKNET doorbell features an impressive selection of 60 CD-quality ringtones. This wide array of choices allows you to personalize your doorbell’s sound to suit your taste. Whether you prefer a classic “ding-dong” or something more unique, there’s a ringtone for everyone. Additionally, the doorbell is equipped with 5 adjustable volume levels, ranging from 25dB to 85dB, catering to different hearing needs and ensuring the chime is audible throughout your home or workplace.

What happens if there is a power outage? Will the doorbell remember my settings?

The TECKNET Self-Powered Doorbell is designed with a memory function that retains your last melody and volume settings, even in the event of a power outage. Once the power is restored, the doorbell will automatically revert to your chosen settings, eliminating the need for reconfiguration and providing added convenience.

Does the doorbell kit take up a power socket?

No, one of the unique features of the TECKNET Self-Powered Doorbell is its “Will Not Take Up Your Socket” design. The receiver unit acts as a pass-through, allowing you to plug another electrical device into it. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a wireless doorbell system without sacrificing valuable socket space, making it a practical solution for homes and offices with limited outlets.

Is the TECKNET Self-Powered Doorbell suitable for people with hearing impairments?

Yes, the doorbell is designed to be inclusive, featuring a flashing light indicator alongside its audible chimes. This visual alert ensures that even those with hearing loss can be aware of visitors, making it a thoughtful and accessible choice for every home or business.

Tecknet Self Powered Doorbell Specs

Specification Detail
Manufacturer TECKNET
Part Number 476807
Product Dimensions 8.51 x 5.99 x 7.49 cm
Item Weight 167.83 Grams
Colour White
Material ABS
Sound Level 85 dB
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No
Wireless Range Up to 400 M/1300 FT
Number of Chimes 60
Volume Levels 5 (25dB to 85dB)
Waterproof Rating IP65
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Installation Required Yes
Memory Function Yes
LED Light Indicator Yes
Self-Powered Yes
Plug Through Cordless Yes
Additional Socket Available Yes
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars (4,077 ratings)
Best Sellers Rank 366 in DIY & Tools
Date First Available 18 Nov. 2013
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