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Tapo Smart Doorbell

Wireless Security Doorbell

Introducing the Tapo Smart Doorbell, a cutting-edge solution for your home security needs. This wireless doorbell is equipped with a 2K 5MP camera, offering crystal-clear visuals of your doorstep day and night. Its long-lasting battery ensures up to 180 days of vigilant monitoring without the need for constant recharges. But that’s not all.

With its colour night vision, the Tapo Smart Doorbell doesn’t just show you the world in black and white after sunset; it illuminates the scene in full colour. The device’s head-to-toe view and smart AI detection capabilities mean you never miss a detail or a visitor, whether they’re a person or a vehicle.

Flexible storage options, including cloud and local SD card storage, ensure you can save and review footage with ease. Plus, the anti-theft alarm adds an extra layer of security, alerting you if anyone attempts to tamper with your device. Make your home smarter and safer with the Tapo Smart Doorbell.

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Product Features

2K 5MP Live View – The Tapo Smart Doorbell offers a high-resolution 2K 5MP live view, ensuring you can see every detail at your doorstep. This feature is crucial for identifying visitors or potential threats, providing peace of mind with its clarity and precision.6700mAh Long Battery Life – Say goodbye to frequent recharging. The doorbell’s efficient battery supports up to 180 days of operation on a single charge, based on 10 trigger events per day. This extended battery life is essential for continuous monitoring without interruption.

Colour Night Vision – Unlike typical security cameras that switch to black and white in low light, the Tapo Smart Doorbell features colour night vision. This allows for a clearer understanding of night-time events, offering security and detail when you need it most.

Head-to-Toe View – The ultra-wide field of view ensures that you can see visitors from head to toe as they approach your door. This comprehensive view is invaluable for identifying individuals and any packages they might be carrying, enhancing security and convenience.Smart AI Detection and Notification – Employing advanced AI algorithms, the Tapo Smart Doorbell can distinguish between people and vehicles, sending you notifications accordingly. This smart detection helps reduce false alarms and keeps you informed of relevant activities.

Flexible Storage Choice – With the option to save recorded videos either on a microSD card or using cloud storage services, you have the flexibility to choose the storage solution that best fits your needs. This versatility ensures that important footage is always accessible.


What resolution does the Tapo 2K 5MP Smart Wireless Security Video Doorbell offer?

The Tapo 2K 5MP Smart Wireless Security Video Doorbell boasts a high-definition resolution of 2K 5MP. This ensures that you receive crisp, clear images and videos, capturing all the fine details even in low-light environments, thanks to its starlight sensor. Whether it’s day or night, you can trust the Tapo doorbell to provide you with high-quality visuals of your front door area.

How long does the battery last on the Tapo Smart Doorbell?

The Tapo Smart Doorbell is equipped with a 6700mAh rechargeable and removable battery. Designed with a low-power protocol, it extends the usage of your doorbell up to 180 days (based on 10 trigger times a day) before needing a recharge. This feature ensures that your home remains secure without the constant need for battery replacements or recharging.

Does the Tapo Smart Doorbell have night vision capabilities?

Yes, the Tapo Smart Doorbell features advanced colour night vision capabilities. With an embedded spotlight and a starlight sensor, it reveals high-fidelity details and colours at night, ensuring you receive clear and detailed images even in the dark. This feature enhances your home security by making sure nothing goes unnoticed, regardless of the time.

Can I see visitors from head to toe with the Tapo Smart Doorbell?

Absolutely. The Tapo Smart Doorbell offers a head-to-toe view with its camera’s ultra-wide field of view (FOV) of 160° Diagonal. The Tapo 4:3 live view ensures that users can check visitors from head-to-toe as close as 1 metre, providing more vertical details than other 16:9 doorbells. This feature is particularly useful for seeing all packages delivered at your doorstep.

How does the Tapo Smart Doorbell detect motion?

The Tapo Smart Doorbell utilises smart AI algorithms to identify people and cars, ensuring that users are notified as needed. This smart AI detection and notification system filters out unnecessary alerts, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. It significantly enhances the security of your home by alerting you to any unusual activity immediately.

What storage options are available with the Tapo Smart Doorbell?

The Tapo Smart Doorbell offers flexible storage choices for recorded videos. Users can save their videos on the hub-installed microSD card (up to 512 GB) or opt for Tapo Care cloud storage services. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the storage solution that best fits your needs, whether you prefer local storage or the convenience of cloud access.

Is the Tapo Smart Doorbell resistant to weather elements?

Yes, the Tapo Smart Doorbell is designed to be water and dust resistant with an IP64 rating. This makes it capable of operating well on rainy days and in damp environments, ensuring your home security system remains functional regardless of the weather conditions. Its durable design makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Can the Tapo Smart Doorbell be integrated with smart home systems?

The Tapo Smart Doorbell works seamlessly with Alexa & Google Home, allowing you to add voice control to your home security system. By combining it with a screen Alexa device or Google Home, you can easily view your front door camera with simple voice commands. This integration enhances the convenience and functionality of your smart home setup.

Tapo Smart Doorbell Specs

Specification Detail
Brand Tapo
Model Name Tapo D230S1
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Features 2 Way Audio, 2K 5MP, Up to 180 days battery life, Colour Night Vision, Water Resistant
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Resolution 2K 5MP
Battery Life Up to 180 days
Night Vision Colour Night Vision
Field of View 160° Diagonal
Storage Options Cloud & Local Storage (MicroSD up to 512 GB)
AI Detection Smart AI algorithms for person and vehicle detection
Anti-theft Alarm Yes
Water & Dust Resistance IP64
Cloud Service Tapo Care with 30-day Free Trial
Compatible with Alexa & Google Home
Installation Easy Installation, Wire-Free Placement
Battery Type 6700mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Product Dimensions 14.6 x 5.45 x 3.55 cm
Item Weight 740 Grams
Power Source Battery Powered
Wattage 5 watts
Type of Bulb Infrared
Plug Profile Wall Mount
Included Components Tapo Video Doorbell Tapo D230S1, Tapo A100 Battery, Tapo H200 Hub
Batteries Required? Yes
Battery Cell Type Lithium Ion
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