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Xplora XGO 3 Review – A Great Smart Watch for 2024

Today, we’re diving into the world of child safety with a tech twist, courtesy of the Xplora XGO 3. This isn’t just any smartwatch; it’s a guardian on your child’s wrist, blending communication and safety features with a dash of fun. But does it truly deliver peace of mind for anxious parents, or is it just another gadget trying to make a mark in the crowded smartwatch arena? Let’s find out, shall we?

What exactly is the Xplora XGO 3?

The Xplora XGO 3 is a beacon of hope for parents seeking a blend of safety, communication, and entertainment for their children, all packed into a wrist-sized gadget. In an era where technology is king, ensuring your child’s safety without stifling their independence is a balancing act worthy of a circus. The Xplora XGO 3 aims to strike this balance, offering a compact solution that keeps kids connected, active, and most importantly, safe. With its robust design and child-friendly features, it’s a product that seems to understand the assignment in today’s market.

Benefits of using this smartwatch

  1. Enhanced Child Safety: The GPS tracking feature is a game-changer, offering real-time location tracking for those moments when your heart skips a beat.
  2. Communication at Their Fingertips: With the ability to make calls and send messages, it empowers kids to reach out, fostering a sense of independence.
  3. Encourages Physical Activity: The built-in step counter turns fitness into a fun challenge, promoting a healthy lifestyle from a young age.
  4. Designed for Little Wrists: Comfort is key, and this smartwatch doesn’t disappoint, ensuring it can be worn all day without complaints.
  5. Parent-Approved Usability: A straightforward setup and intuitive interface make it a hit among the less tech-savvy parents.

Un-boxing & First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Xplora XGO 3, it was clear that this was no ordinary child’s toy. The smartwatch boasted a sturdy build that seemed ready to withstand the playground’s trials and tribulations. Its size and material felt just right for young adventurers, and the design screamed child-friendly without being overly cutesy. My first thought? This might just be the sidekick every modern parent has been dreaming of.

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Features: Quick overview of what you’re getting

  • GPS tracking
  • Communication ease
  • Fitness features
  • Comfortable design
  • User-friendly
  • Camera fun
  • Parental controls
  • Robust build
  • Intuitive interface
  • Step counter
  • Long-lasting battery (though some users report otherwise)
  • Clear and loud calls

Each feature of the Xplora XGO 3 has been thoughtfully included to cater to both the child’s enjoyment and the parent’s peace of mind. The GPS tracking and ease of communication stand out as pillars of safety and independence. The fitness features and comfortable design ensure that the watch is more than just a digital leash; it’s a companion. The user-friendly nature of the watch, combined with the fun camera and robust parental controls, underscores its value in the smartwatch market for kids.

It’s a real shame that, despite these impressive features, the watch is not without its flaws. The lack of detailed instructions and subpar customer service can be a significant hurdle for some users. Additionally, reports of battery life inconsistencies and location tracking issues are disappointing.

Smart Features

The Xplora XGO 3 might look like a simple child’s plaything at first glance, but beneath its playful exterior lies a suite of smart features that integrate seamlessly with the digital world. From keeping your little ones safe to encouraging them to stay active, this smartwatch is a pint-sized powerhouse of technology.

GPS Tracking

One of the standout smart features of the Xplora XGO 3 is its GPS tracking capability. As a parent, there’s nothing more reassuring than knowing exactly where your child is at any given moment. The precision and reliability of the GPS feature allowed me to keep tabs on my little explorer with ease, providing peace of mind during those inevitable moments of independence.

What we liked about the Xplora XGO 3

GPS Tracking for Safety

The GPS tracking feature is, without a doubt, the highlight of the Xplora XGO 3. It’s not just about knowing where your child is; it’s about the security that comes with it. Whether they’re on a school trip or just playing outside, the ability to pinpoint their location is invaluable. The accuracy and speed of the tracking were impressive, making it a standout feature for any parent.

Communication Ease

Another aspect we really liked was how the Xplora XGO 3 facilitates easy communication. The watch allows kids to make calls and send messages, which is not only fun for them but also adds an extra layer of safety. It’s comforting to know your child can reach out to you with just a touch of a button. The call quality was clear, and the messaging function worked flawlessly during our tests.

Fitness Features

In an age where screen time often outweighs active play, the step counter feature of the Xplora XGO 3 is a breath of fresh air. It gamifies physical activity, encouraging kids to move more and hit daily step goals. Watching my child get excited about beating their previous day’s step count was not only heartwarming but also highlighted the importance of integrating such features into children’s gadgets.

Comfortable Design

Designed with little wrists in mind, the Xplora XGO 3 scores high marks for comfort. It’s lightweight, doesn’t chafe, and is durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble of child’s play. The importance of a comfortable fit cannot be overstated, especially for a device that’s meant to be worn throughout the day. It’s clear that XPLORA has put considerable thought into the ergonomics of this smartwatch.

What we were disappointed with

Poor Support

It’s a real shame that a device so focused on child safety and parental peace of mind falls short in the customer support department. The lack of clear instructions and subpar customer service can be a significant hurdle, especially for non-tech-savvy parents. This is an area where XPLORA could greatly improve, ensuring that support is as reliable as the device itself.

Technical Issues

During our testing, we encountered some inconsistencies with battery life and location tracking. While not deal-breakers, these technical issues did detract from the overall user experience. For future versions, addressing these glitches would not only enhance reliability but also reinforce the brand’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

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Getting Set Up

Setting up the Xplora XGO 3 was, in my experience, a mixed bag. On one hand, the device prides itself on a user-friendly approach, which is mostly true. However, I did encounter a few hiccups along the way, echoing some of the frustrations I’ve seen echoed in other reviews. Here’s a quick guide to help smooth out the process:

  1. Charge the device fully before use. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial for a smooth setup process.
  2. Download the XPLORA app on your smartphone. This is where you’ll manage most of the watch’s features.
  3. Follow the in-app instructions to pair the watch with your phone. This should be straightforward, but ensure your Bluetooth is on.
  4. Insert a SIM card if you plan on using the call and SMS features. This was a bit fiddly and might require a steady hand or a call to customer support.
  5. Set up safe zones and emergency contacts through the app. This is a key feature for the watch’s safety capabilities.

While the process is designed to be simple, I found that the instructions provided were not as clear as they could be. Additionally, some users have reported issues with pairing and SIM card setup, which I also experienced. A bit of patience and possibly a call to customer support (brace yourself for that adventure) might be necessary.

Build Quality and Extras

The Xplora XGO 3 feels sturdy in hand, a necessity for any device designed for the rough and tumble life of a child. The strap is comfortable and adjustable, fitting snugly on smaller wrists without causing irritation. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Some users have reported the screen scratching more easily than expected, a real shame for a device that will inevitably see its fair share of bumps and scrapes.

The warranty is a notable plus, offering a 2-year coverage that provides a bit more peace of mind for parents. This is a strong point in its favour, considering the investment and the target demographic’s propensity for accidental damage.

Who is this product best suited to?

Parents Seeking Peace of Mind

For parents who worry about their child’s safety when they’re not around, the GPS tracking and safe zone features are a godsend. Being able to see your child’s location in real-time offers an unparalleled peace of mind.

Active Kids

The step counter and fitness tracking features encourage kids to be more active. It’s a fun way for them to engage with their physical health, making the Xplora XGO 3 a great companion for little adventurers.

Tech-Savvy Pre-Teens

With the ability to make calls, send texts, and even snap photos, this smartwatch is a hit with kids who are keen to have their own ‘smartphone’ but whose parents might not be ready to take the plunge.

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Who should avoid this

Despite its many features, the Xplora XGO 3 might not be the best fit for everyone. Parents looking for a more traditional watch experience, without the need for GPS tracking or communication features, might find it overly complex. Additionally, those concerned about screen durability might want to consider options with more robust protection against scratches.

Value for Money

Considering the array of features designed specifically for children’s safety and entertainment, the Xplora XGO 3 offers good value for money. It’s priced competitively within the market, especially when taking into account the peace of mind it offers parents. However, it’s worth noting that the potential extra costs for a SIM card and the occasional frustration with customer support could detract from its overall value proposition.

The verdict: Is the Xplora XGO 3 worth a buy?

After spending considerable time with the Xplora XGO 3, I can confidently say that it offers a compelling mix of safety, communication, and entertainment features for children. The GPS tracking, fitness tracking, and the ability to communicate directly from the watch are standout features that many parents will appreciate. However, it’s not without its flaws. The setup process can be tricky, customer support is hit or miss, and the screen’s durability could be better.

Compared to similar products on the market, the Xplora XGO 3 holds its own, especially in terms of child safety features. If you’re a parent looking for a smartwatch that can keep your child safe, encourage physical activity, and withstand the daily rigours of child’s play, this could be a great option. Just be prepared for potential setup hurdles and consider investing in a screen protector.

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Detailed Specs

Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
Storage: 0 GB
Video: Not specified
Battery Life: Not specified
Child Safety Features: GPS tracking, Safe zones
Communication: Calls, Texts, SMS messaging
Fitness Features: Step counter
Design: Comfortable for small wrists
Interface: User-friendly
Camera: Yes
Parental Controls: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
Customer Support: Varied experiences
Battery Concerns: Some issues reported
Location Tracking: GPS
SIM Card Setup: Can be tricky
Screen Durability: Concerns about scratches
User Reviews: Generally positive
Value for Money: Good
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